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Ronex Kipult and Senbele Teferi win the AJC Peach Tree 10K

To celebrate July 4th, some of the world’s best long-distance runners lined up to race the AJC Peach Tree 10K in Atlanta, Georgia. Two Olympic athletes Senbele Teferi Ethiopian woman wins women’s race at sprint finish and is current 10K world record holder Ronex Kipult, Shy on his course record from 2019, he won his second peach tree title at 27:25.

Senberete Ferry won the race at 30:49.Photo: Kevin Morris

With Teferi Irina Chepet The Kenyan team exchanged leads in the last few kilometers, but it was Teferi who overtook Chepet at 30:49 to win the title of the first Peach Tree.Chepet finishes second at 30:49 and is the world record holder for the marathon. Brigid Kosgei, It was the third.

The 27-year-old Ethiopian long-distance runner proves himself one of the world’s top road runners. In 2021, she Women’s 5K world record At Adizero Roadto Records in Germany at 14:29. At the 2015 World Championships in Beijing, Teferi won the silver medal in the women’s 5000m.

In the men’s race, it was a battle with a former half marathon world record holder in Kenya. Kibiwot Kandy And the current 10K world record holder Kipult. Kipult defeats North America in 2019 10K soil record, Time 27:01 to win Peach Tree 10K. Up to 2K, when Kipult launched the attack, the two were put together in a lead pack, gaping Kandy by 50 meters.

Kipult won the race at 27:25, despite sleeping overnight at Doha Airport due to a flight cancellation on Saturday night.Candy was second at 27:34 Gemal Yemmer At 27:49, he finished the podium in 3rd place.

You can see the full result from AJC Peach Tree 10K here.

Ronex Kipult and Senbele Teferi win the AJC Peach Tree 10K

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