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Rogers and CapriCMW merge to form Acera Insurance

Derived from the word “Acer”, the genus (or scientific name) of the maple tree, the name Acera Insurance symbolizes the depth and strength of combining Rogers and CapriCMW, recognizing the history and core values ​​of the two. It is Local businesses with deep roots in the communities they serve.

The new brokerage firm will be led by Chairman and President Andrew Kemp, Chief Executive Officer Lee Rogers and Chief Operating Officer Bruce Labick. It builds on the partnership Rogers and CapriCMW have enjoyed for nearly 20 years, with the goal of expanding nationally, achieving greater scale and capacity, and creating valuable opportunities for new and long-term employees. I’m doing it.

“The combination of Rogers Insurance and CapriCMW strengthens our industry leadership, builds our portfolio, and delivers significant value to our employees, partners, customers and communities. I want to change.”

Acera Insurance will retain the unique equity ownership model used by Rogers and CapriCMW prior to the merger. The brokerage firm, which has more than 350 employee shareholders, said the model “will continue to be a core part of its ongoing plan to attract and retain talent and ensure that team members have an impact on the company’s continued growth.” so that we can share and invest in the future.”

As part of the transaction, Acera Insurance welcomed Clairvest as a minority partner. Clairvest helps support a brokerage firm’s long-term strategy for sustainable growth while maintaining independence and employee control. Looking to scale up, the company seeks to partner with other Canada-based brokerage firms to complement its value, culture, products and services.

Acera Insurance Chairman and President Andrew Kemp said: “We are excited about this next chapter as we expand our capabilities to deliver new products, services and solutions and come together as one company.”

Rogers and CapriCMW merge to form Acera Insurance

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