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Rebranding of Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance

Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance, which covers residential, auto, commercial and farms in Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, has been rebranded as Sandbox Mutual Insurance.

The rebrand is set to “refocus” Mutual on its efforts to improve its digital presence, according to an update from the insurer founded in 1908.

Sandbox President and CEO Shelley Willick said:

“Policyholders don’t want to know the details of their insurance, inside or out, they just want to know that we are there when they need it.”

Mutual plans to launch a new website under the Sandbox brand and launch a digital billing portal from mid-December.

“The claims portal is where policyholders can see the status of their ongoing claims as well as real-time claims that are in progress,” said Willick.

“Our goal is to simplify insurance, starting with the claims process and ensuring policyholders are well informed about the status of their claims throughout the process.”

According to Willick, the business is committed to “making sure customers don’t get stuck in dead ends, whether digital or offline.”

Rebranding of Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance

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