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Reasons Why a Casino Requires Identity Verification

When registering as a new customer at a famous “depozyt sms kasyno” in Poland, verification is often quite tricky. Many have concerns when they are asked to provide personal data, for example in the form of copies of their ID or simply their address and telephone number. 

 In most cases, a current email address and a valid ID are required to confirm the identity. It is essential that the data entered corresponds exactly to the data on the ID card, so that no difficulties arise later. 

 Once the data has been entered, an email with a confirmation link is sent, which then forwards to verification. 

 Nowadays, a connection is predominantly made via the webcam to check the ID document. If all data match, the verification is successful and thus the account of the new customer is opened in the online casino. 

 The online casino wants to secure itself via the verification that the customer is really an existing person and not criminal machinations. Therefore, potential abuse can already be prevented.

 Reasons for Verification

 Responsible online casinos help to prevent and fight gambling addiction. Since customers who suffer from gambling addiction or are at least susceptible to problem gambling can have themselves blocked at their own request in online casinos, so as not to succumb to their addiction. 

 To ensure that such a block cannot be circumvented, clear verification is important and therefore also protects customers.

 Since gambling with real money is only allowed from the age of 18, gambling providers must ensure that no minors use the gaming offer. At an on-site casino, this is easily possible through ID checks. 

 Online, of course, the Internet offers much easier opportunities for minors to access offers that are not permitted. To avoid this, verification takes place, during which the age of the customer can also be checked. 

 If an online casino would not check the age of the players and thus disregard the gambling laws, this is a punishable offense. 

A Successful Verification

 For the registration and also the verification in an online casino to work out quickly and without any problems, you can get all the necessary documents ready before you start. 

 As a rule, the ID, the address, an email address and a payment method that can be verified are required. This combination of data is intended to prevent misuse. Therefore, an official document must be presented in any case. 

 This can be an ID card or a passport. The main thing is that the name and address are well and clearly readable. In most cases, an electricity or water bill is enough.

 In addition to the address, the account details must also be verified so that the online casino knows for sure that it is the account of this customer and that criminals are not having another customer’s money paid out to someone else’s account. 

 For example, a bank statement or a letter from the bank is suitable for verification. It is also important that the name and the account number are easily identifiable. It is best if the verification is done directly when registering as a new customer. 

 In some online casinos, this is not automatically the case, but is only done when the customer wants to initiate a first withdrawal.

 The best recommendation is to gather all the documents and then complete the verification process as part of the registration process as a new customer. After that, you can relax and look forward to the payout.


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