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Rare birth of ‘miracle’ elephant twins surprises New York zookeepers

The New York Zoo celebrated a “miracle” and recently announced that it welcomed twin male elephant cubs into the world.

The Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse, New York announced the birth of an Asian elephant on November 10th. A series of posts on social media.

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“We first Asian elephant Mari announces pregnancyWe expected a herd of six Asian elephants to become seven,” the zoo wrote on Twitter.

“Well, not only have we welcomed the seventh member of the Asian elephant herd, but we have also welcomed the eighth elephant.”

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In a press release, the zoo surprised everyone at the zoo because of the “absolute improbability” of the birth of twin elephants and the “complexity of ultrasound examinations of elephants.”

The second calf was born 10 hours after the first, much to the surprise of the staff, but the animal control team immediately took action and helped the second calf, which was born much weaker than the twins. .

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Twin elephants make up less than 1% of elephant births worldwide, and twins are often stillborn or too weak to survive, according to the zoo.The birth of two healthy calves in Mali is the first documented case of surviving elephant twins born in the United States.

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“I cannot praise the team enough for everything they have done to ensure the care and safety of Mari and her twins over the last few weeks. It’s great to witness the high level of expertise, professionalism and focus,” said Ted Fox, director of the zoo.

Mali’s first calf was born on October 24th and weighed 220 pounds. The second calf weighed him 237 pounds.

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The zoo said its animal care team has been “monitoring the twins around the clock” for the past two weeks to “make sure they are both doing well.”

Asian elephants are classified as endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Their wild populations are threatened by human conflict, habitat destruction and ivory poachers. An estimated 20,000 individuals remain in the wild.

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Rare birth of ‘miracle’ elephant twins surprises New York zookeepers

Source link Rare birth of ‘miracle’ elephant twins surprises New York zookeepers

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