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Raise funds for Ukraine’s defenders in this October’s elections

Runners can sign up for the first #RunWithUkraine–Give Boots to Defenders event now or anytime this October. You can be assured that all entry fees are being used for legitimate purposes.

NPO-sponsored race Second Front Ukraine, intended to raise funds for the defenders of Ukraine. For every $60 registration fee, we sponsor a pair of military boots for the Ukrainian Army. 100% of the proceeds from the registration will go towards these winter military boots, manufactured in Ukraine and designed to withstand the sub-zero temperatures that much of Ukraine experiences in the fall and winter.

Boots sent to the Ukrainian garrison. Photo: #runforuk.ca

Registrants have options to help Ukrainian defender Additionally, you can add boots and warm socks to your shopping cart.

Runners can choose how to record their runs. As described on the website, the #RunForUkraine – Give Boots to Parents campaign is open to anyone in Canada and around the world. Runners can choose any location, time and distance. “

The race website suggests 5K, 10K, 21K or 42K, but adds that racers are welcome to run other distances. The campaign hopes to raise awareness through virtual races as runners share their accomplishments online. social media pagestag @secondfrontua and #RunForUkraine.

Run for Ukraine's medal
Photo: #runforuk.ca

A unique race medal will be mailed to all participants in November. This medal is the result of two Ukrainian designers. Anton Massarov When Maria MeshtaMassarov wanted the Canadian maple leaf combined with the Ukrainian trident to reflect the historical union of Canada and Ukraine. Meshta was used to represent Ukrainians fleeing their homes and destroyed cities.

The Second Front Ukraine Foundation is a registered non-profit organization based in Toronto. As of September 2022, the organization has raised over his C$550,000 and delivered over 10 tons of medical and military supplies to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Find out more about this event or sign up here.

Raise funds for Ukraine’s defenders in this October’s elections

Source link Raise funds for Ukraine’s defenders in this October’s elections

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