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Rachel Leigh Cook calls her just body-shaming

recall, Rachel Lee Cook I realized that some elements of her 1999 hit movie were more than just that.

The actress revealed she and her daughter Charlotte9, recently seen She’s All That together for the first time. But since Rachel pushed her comedic play romantically, she starred with them. Freddie Prinze Jr.she realized that some of the commentary may not have matured enough.

“The only funny thing about that movie is that I showed it to my daughter who recently turned 9. I was like, ‘I don’t think there’s a lot of inappropriate stuff in there,'” she said. . every week In an article published on November 8, he wrote, “But some of the words they use to talk about women are like Freddy’s character is on a journey to open his heart.” I understand.”

“And people were different than these popular crowd kids,” she continued. “But that’s really pretty disrespectful and disrespectful.”

Rachel Leigh Cook calls her just body-shaming

Source link Rachel Leigh Cook calls her just body-shaming

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