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Pure Sunfarms Pink Kush is the best-selling stock of all time by Canadian Business Journal, Ontario.

DELTA, British Columbia, Sept. 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Pure Sunfarms Corp. (“Pure Sunfarms”) Achieves Record-Level Performance for Its Pink Kush Dried Flowers, Posts All-Time Sales reported to remain high.Ontario Dried Flower Strains1the province responsible for 40% of legal cannabis sales in Canada2Since cannabis was legalized in 2018,

Pink Kush, first offered by Pure Sunfarms in June 2020, has nearly 6% market share since its launch in OCS’ dried flower category, beating the second ranked strain 3 to 1. Exceeded. At his OCS in August, the Pure Sunfarms brand continued to lead dried flower sales, accounting for over 13% of his sales in this category, while Pink Kush led the category with his 7% market share. did.1.

“It is encouraging to see how well our Pink Kush continues to be accepted in the market. Mandesh Dosanjh, President and CEO of Pure Sunfarms, said: Cultivation is purposeful, our growers really know how to get the most out of Pink Kush.”

In addition to Pure Sunfarms Pink Kush, one of the company’s latest innovation strains, Jet Fuel Gelato, adds to Pure Sunfarms Dried Flower Market share performance at OCS as the fastest growing strain . Originally launched in September 2021, a year later it already ranks as the second best-selling stock in the industry overall, just behind Pure Sunfarms Pink Kush.1.

“Our team has a love of plants and a passion for growing them, with over 30 years of agricultural and legacy market experience. We are committed to the flowers we grow. Because it is at the heart of what we do and it drives everything we do,” continues Dosanjh. “We are not only the all-time best-selling stock in Ontario, we are also the best-performing brand in Canada, and we are very proud to say that we have surpassed and surpassed it someday. I have.”

Pure Sunfarms continues to build on its strong performance to date. The company is focused on expanding its daily premium selection and has added the following products to its offerings in select markets. Berry Cream Puff, Bubble Mint, Sugar Cookie, Ginger Dawg Cultivar Preground Dried Flowers: Pink Berry, Diesel Kush, CBD Dream 2:1, Sunday’s Gelato. Infused high THC arc available in Pink Kush, Hawaiian Sunlight and Hawaiian Sunset. Straight Cut Pre-Rolls (0.5g) are available in our mint-infused CBD Vape; Jet Fuel Gelato and CBD Dream.

1 Calculated by Pure Sunfarms from sales information provided by the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS)
2 Statistics Canada. Table 20-10-0008-01 Retail Sales by Province/Territory

About Pure Sun Farm

Pure Sunfarms is one of the world’s largest cannabis operations with 2.2 million square feet of greenhouse space in Delta, British Columbia. The company currently operates on an area of ​​1.65 million square feet and produces, markets and distributes 112,500 kilograms of high-quality, BC-grown dried flowers annually for the Canadian recreational and international markets. have the ability. Is required. The company combines decades of agricultural and legacy farming experience with best-in-class, large-scale operational expertise and is Canada’s best-selling brand.

Pure Sunfarms products are sold to participating retailers in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon, Northwest Territories, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador and, where applicable, Available online through their respective distributors in each region. Pure Sunfarms also supplies cannabis to its Quebec affiliate ROSE LifeScience and other licensed producers in Canada and is EU GMP certified to export its products internationally.

Pure Sunfarms is a licensed grower of Pure Sunfarms, The Original Fraser Valley Weed Co. and partner of Canadian sun grown cookies. Pure Sunfarms is a wholly owned subsidiary of Village Farms International, Inc. (Nasdaq: VFF).


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Pure Sunfarms Pink Kush is the best-selling stock of all time by Canadian Business Journal, Ontario.

Source link Pure Sunfarms Pink Kush is the best-selling stock of all time by Canadian Business Journal, Ontario.

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