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Princess Martha Louise of Norway abandons royal duties to follow Sherman’s fiancée – National

Princess Martha Louise of Norway has decided to step away from royal life and devote herself to the alternative medicine business with her fiancée, a self-proclaimed shaman and healer.

Martha Louise, 51, is the only daughter of King Harald and Queen Sonja of Norway, and was announced just five months after she got engaged to American shaman Durek Berret.

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“After a period of many questions relating to my role as me and my fiancée, I have decided not to perform any royal duties at this time,” she posted on Nov. 8 and translated. Said in an Instagram clip: Per life in Norway. “I am making this decision in consultation with my parents, the King and Queen, to bring peace around the royal family.”

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According to The Guardian, Verrett ‘made waves’ in Norway after suggesting in book spirit hacking That cancer was a choice. He also sells medallions on his website, which he says have helped him recover from COVID-19.

Martha Louise has also frowned upon claiming she can speak to angels. In fact, her honorific title of “Your Highness” was stripped from her in 2002 when she chose to pursue her career as a clairvoyant.

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The princess will retain her title, but the palace said it has notified the organizations she still served as patrons that she is relinquishing the role.

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At least one foundation for which Martha Louise served as patron has since cut ties with the princess.

Norwegian media have accused Martha Louise and Berrett of using her royal titles for commercial gain and promoting alternative medical methods.

A royal statement said the couple will “make a clear distinction between their activities and those of the royal family” and will not use the title of princess or refer to the royal family in their social media or commercial activities.

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The royal family, which has clearly sought to distance itself from Marta Louise’s views on health and medicine, said it has “great confidence in the Norwegian medical service and the Norwegian health authorities”, adding that it “has established medical knowledge and He emphasized the importance of scientific research.

In the same statement, the princess said she “recognizes the importance of research-based knowledge.”

“But I believe there are elements of a good life and good physical and mental health that cannot be easily summarized in research reports.”

She says “spirituality, intimacy with other people and animals, yoga and meditation” can be as important supplements as “warm hands, acupuncture needles and crystals.”

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She also hopes that people will not project her personal views onto other members of the royal family.

The pair, who have been together since May 2019, attend family-related functions and events that are traditionally attended by the royal family. Nor does it represent the royal family.

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Princess Martha Louise of Norway abandons royal duties to follow Sherman’s fiancée – National

Source link Princess Martha Louise of Norway abandons royal duties to follow Sherman’s fiancée – National

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