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Planning an accessible bathroom – Home Trends Magazine

Long-term use should always be considered when designing a space. The end result should be a space that is both functional today and capable of meeting potential future needs. In the bathroom this is even more important. It’s important to ensure that your bathroom meets both the current and potential future needs of your entire family. I don’t like to think negatively, but the reality is that aging, accidents, and unforeseen illnesses can change your accessibility needs, either temporarily or permanently, and can cost you money if you don’t consider them up front. costly refurbishment may be required. Below are some important questions to ask yourself.

Is the entrance to the bathroom wide enough to accommodate equipment such as a walker, wheelchair, or lift if needed?

Does the door open outwards? This is important to allow access if someone falls over. Is there a counter where people in chairs or wheelchairs can sit and get their hair done or brush their teeth?

Are the controls for lights, fans, and showers at an accessible height?

Is the flooring slip-resistant and easy to walk on, dry or wet?

Is there enough space in the bathroom for a caregiver to assist if needed?

These considerations have little to no impact on the look and feel of your bathroom, but they can have a significant impact on how your bathroom functions in the years to come.

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Planning an accessible bathroom – Home Trends Magazine

Source link Planning an accessible bathroom – Home Trends Magazine

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