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Paris 2024 Olympics, including repechage from 200m to 1,500m

Starting with the 2024 Olympics in Paris, World Athletics will introduce a repechage at solo athletics events from 200m to 1,500m (including hurdles). World athletics It was announced on Monday. This will replace the non-automatic qualifying (q) system currently used with automatic qualifying (Q) placements at each event, increasing the chances for athletes without automatic qualifying placements to advance to the semifinals at the event. ..

Lindsey Butterworth of Canada at the 2022 World Championship Women’s 800m.Photo: Kevin Morris

This system is used in various sports such as boating, fencing and martial arts and is made in France. repĂȘcher, It means fishing or rescue.

Currently, the top winners of each event will automatically advance to the next round based on their placement. The number of athletes varies from event to event, and a small number of non-automatic qualifiers also progress over time.

for example, 200 meters at Eugene World ChampionshipsThe top three finishers in each heat went automatically, and the finishers in the three fastest non-automatic qualifying times (of all the heats) also went to the semi-finals.

Marco Arop competes for 800 meters in the 2022 World Athletics Championships.Photo: Kevin Morris

With the new system, the top finishers in each heat will continue to move forward, but instead of non-automatic qualifying, all remaining finishers will race in additional (repechage) rounds, with the top finishers advancing to the semifinals. The new rule means that all athletes will race at least twice in the event. (This does not apply to next year’s World Championships in Budapest.)

The 100 meters There is no repechage as the event already has a preliminary qualifying round before the heat.

Click for more information on the new rule here..

Paris 2024 Olympics, including repechage from 200m to 1,500m

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