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P.E.I. Actor Realizes Childhood Dream of Portraying Anne Shirley

A young actor hailing from Prince Edward Island is embarking on a remarkable journey to fulfill a cherished childhood aspiration, stepping into the beloved role of Anne Shirley on stage.

Rebekah Brown, just 20 years old, has been an integral part of the Anne and Gilbert production since 2019, diligently mastering nearly every female character in the show. However, the opportunity to portray the spirited and iconic Anne Shirley herself has been a dream come true for Brown.

Expressing her excitement, Brown remarked, “I’ve always loved Anne. I never thought I’d get to play her, especially so young.” She reflected on her earlier inclination towards characters like Josie Pye, considering Anne as somewhat beyond her reach.

The production encompasses Lucy Maud Montgomery’s latter two novels, delving into Anne’s journey into young womanhood and her burgeoning romance with Gilbert Blythe. Brown’s long-standing fascination with the character has manifested in various ways over the years, from dressing up as Anne for Halloween to dyeing her hair red whenever permissible. Additionally, she eagerly performed songs from “Anne of Green Gables” and “Anne and Gilbert” in music festivals during her upbringing.

Brown’s portrayal as Anne Shirley marks a significant milestone, as she becomes one of the youngest leads in the show’s history. The production, now celebrating its 20th year, boasts a predominantly youthful and local cast, showcasing the abundant talent found on the island.

Campbell Webster, the show’s producer, emphasized the familial atmosphere cultivated within the production, with many cast members remaining dedicated to the show for several years. Brown’s evolution from a young participant to assuming the role of Anne Shirley exemplifies the enduring spirit of the production.

For Brown, the opportunity to embody such an iconic literary figure is a privilege she deeply appreciates. The show, staged at the Florence Simmons Performance Hall, will run from May to October, offering audiences the chance to witness Brown’s portrayal of Anne Shirley and immerse themselves in Montgomery’s timeless tale.

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