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Ontario doctor Ford recommends mask and vaccine catch-up ahead of expected harsh virus season

People in Ontario have been advised to keep up their vaccinations and wear masks indoors.

Doctors attending a press conference hosted by Ontario The Medical Association (OMA) said on Wednesday that the flu had arrived early in the province, with more than half of the illnesses that have hit Canada so far in children and teenagers.

The early arrival of influenza, the resurgence of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), and the continued spread of COVID-19 have created a ‘triple threat’ respiratory season in which many children are hospitalized and the situation is expected to get even worse. Doctors said it will get worse in the next few months.

Dr. Rod Lim, Director of Emergency Medicine, ER, Children’s Hospital, London, Ontario, said:

The pediatric health system is under heavy strain due to staffing issues, drug supply chain issues and early outbreaks of the virus, which usually peak in January, February and March, Lim said. increase.

“Most of us in pediatrics are preparing for an incredibly difficult winter,” he said.

Hospitals in Lim are now seeing “record numbers” including young babies arriving with breathing difficulties, and he expects hospitalizations due to the viral illness to “get worse before it gets better”. Stated.

Ford calls on public to wear masks as infections rise

Dr. Rose Zacharias, President Ontario The medical association said her organization is urging the public to get flu shots and stay up to date with COVID-19 vaccinations.

Masks are not required in most spaces now OntarioZacharias said the association is following public health advice on masks, but recommends wearing them in crowded indoor spaces and around high-risk people.

She also said that “we need to be prepared to pivot” in line with viral disease trends.

“Our entire conversation today is about the increased risk of respiratory disease, and we know masks can protect there,” she said. and public health experts, and continue to rely on the advice they give us.”

Some medical experts have begun calling for an update to mask mandates in light of trends in viral illness and pressure on hospitals, with Toronto’s health board this week calling for mandatory masks as an option to mitigate the spread of the disease. I have asked the top doctor to consider

Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer said: canadian press Last week, he said he would soon make decisions about hiding recommendations based on trends in viral illnesses straining the health care system.

Mask on Thursday, March 3, 2022, before announcing the creation of the Runnymede Healthcare Center, a rehabilitation center dedicated to treating first responders and medical personnel with post-traumatic stress disorder in Toronto. Ontario Prime Minister Doug Ford smiles out of the way. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Nathan Dennett

Dr. Kieran Moore recommends wearing masks in certain indoor environments if backlog of postponed surgeries is impacted by COVID-19, and will reinstate mask mandates if further impacted said to recommend that

Prime Minister Doug Ford said Wednesday that he would follow Moore’s advice when it comes to masks, but said people wear masks when possible and know there are risks.

He said he will be getting his flu shot and his fourth COVID-19 vaccine soon, and advised others to do the same.

“I’m going to head there and get a fourth one. I’m going to get a flu shot because I can’t help it. Old people like me,” he said. “I’m going to shoot just to be safe.”

Health workers call on governments to share real-time hospital data

Dr. Vinita Duby, assistant medical officer for health in Toronto, said the masks could help reduce the spread of various viral diseases that are prevalent in the state, including COVID-19. Children said they had no problem wearing masks at school. Pandemic lot.

She said that if the chief medical officer for health strongly recommends masks, there are ways to promote mask adoption without formally mandating them.

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“That strong endorsement will increase mask use even without going mandated,” she said.

of Ontario Liberal health commentators also discussed pressures on the health system on Wednesday, sharing data showing wait times for emergency room visits and ambulance drop-offs were longer in September compared to the previous year. .

Adil Shamji, who is also a doctor, called on the government to share more real-time data on hospital conditions, saying masking was one of the solutions states could implement “very quickly and easily” to reduce pressure. I said one.

“(Masks) are very effective in controlling the spread of these respiratory viruses and reducing the strain on our healthcare system,” he said.

Ontario doctor Ford recommends mask and vaccine catch-up ahead of expected harsh virus season

Source link Ontario doctor Ford recommends mask and vaccine catch-up ahead of expected harsh virus season

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