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Olympian Alexi Pappas to run 2022 London Marathon as guide for para-athletes

Greek olympic athlete Alexi Pappas Known as a prolific athlete, he can also boast of his credentials as a renowned author and filmmaker. mental health advocateAfter teaming with visually impaired athletes, Pappas can now add to his resume guiding para-athletes in two of the world’s major marathons. Lisa Thompson Gearing up for Sunday’s 2022 TCS London Marathon boston marathon in April).

You’ll want to savor every moment of Pappas’ video on Instagram, as it summarizes her experience with teammate Thompson.

Thompson, 54, is a Houston-based real estate agent who is blind in his left eye and nearly blind in his right. She can see the ground, but she has no depth perception. Thompson started running when she was a child, as a way to cope with the difficulties caused by her visual impairment.

After experiencing a personal loss at age 40, a friend encouraged her to sign up to race. Thompson completed her first half marathon in 2008 and has now run 27 marathons. In 2014, she set her personal best of 3:16:50. houston marathonPapas and Thompson met through a mutual friend.

Thompson doesn’t need to run with a tether, but he does need someone to run with.Thompson won despite some injury concerns heading to Boston T13 (visual impairment) The 3:47:25 split has Pappas by her side.During Boston, Thompson dedicated every mile to someone who died in her life. She shared those moments Papasand strengthened their bond as teammates.

Pappas and Thompson enjoying a pre-race celebration Photo: Instagram/Alexi Pappas

Pappas has a marathon PB of 2:34, but it was her first iconic race when she ran as Thompson’s teammate in Boston. Thompson has had success in her eight marathons so far.Both Papas and Thompson london marathon We crossed the finish line together in 3:59:18.

Before and after the London Marathon, Pappas shared her experience with Thompson on social media, explaining that she as Thompson’s teammate was “an audio book in a way.” Pappas points out uniquely costumed people and uses metaphors to guide Thompson through the crowds that ran in both Boston and London.

Alexi Pappas Lisa Thompson 2022 London Marathon
Photo: Instagram/Alexi Pappas

“Runners are like the ocean,” Thompson and Pappas agree, discussing how difficult it is to stay out of the crowd. “It takes a lot of confidence and composure to run your own race,” Pappas says.Before the race, Thompson and Pappas agreed their goal was simply to enjoy the experience and try to brighten someone else’s day.

“Lisa and I soaked in the cheers accented by the trees and the crowds. We loved the costumes. I loved the opportunity to start,” Pappas said after the marathon. ”

Alexi Pappas and Lisa Thompson 2022 London Marathon
Alexi Pappas and Lisa Thompson Photo: Instagram/Alexi Pappas

“Running a marathon is like an orange. It can be hard to get into sometimes, but it’s wonderful, refreshing, messy and delicious. Good sharing. Good to be alone. Happy Lisa and I were together today said Pappas.

Pappas and Thompson definitely hit their mark at the 2022 London Marathon, inspiring other runners along the way.

Olympian Alexi Pappas to run 2022 London Marathon as guide for para-athletes

Source link Olympian Alexi Pappas to run 2022 London Marathon as guide for para-athletes

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