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Nurse accused of amputating patient’s leg without permission to display stuffed animal – National

A Wisconsin nurse has been accused of deliberately cutting off a patient’s leg to display it in her parents’ taxidermy shop.

Mary K. Brown, 38, told a colleague she wanted her severed leg, blackened by frostbite, to be displayed next to a sign that read, “Put your boots on, kids,” The Washington Post said. reports.

According to court documents obtained by NBC, Brown removed the frostbitten right leg from a 62-year-old patient on May 27.

Last week, she was charged with elder abuse and disturbance by local authorities.

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The victim was admitted to Spring Valley Health Rehabilitation Center in Spring Valley, Wisconsin, in March, The Washington Post reports, citing an arrest affidavit. He fell at home and at the same time the house lost heat. He arrived at the facility with severely frostbitten feet. Other staff at the nursing home described them as “black as mummies.”

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In a criminal complaint, the center’s nursing director said the leg was “dead, rancid and held up by tendons” days before the amputation.

Brown is said to have had his leg amputated with the help of two other unidentified nurses. was placed in the freezer.

The man, who had health problems other than his legs, died days later, WEAU reported, after a Pierce County coroner found the man’s legs severed and lying beside him at the funeral home. An autopsy was then performed.

According to the criminal complaint, some witnesses reported that the man did not appear to be in pain when his leg was removed, while others said the man “groaned” and a nurse said he squeezed one of his hands very tightly.

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The affidavit states that Brown had asked permission to amputate his leg, but the facility administrators refused, believing the man would die within hours. Brown “believed it was the right thing to do”, which prompted him to proceed with the amputation.

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Both of the auxiliary nurses told sheriff investigators that they began talking about Brown walking into the family’s taxidermy shop. I said I wanted

“She thought it strange that Brown wanted his legs to be bronze,” the investigator wrote in the report.

According to the affidavit, Brown told investigators that he was responsible for the amputation, even though neither the patient nor his supervisor asked him to remove the leg. She also acknowledged that her procedure was beyond the scope of her duties as a nurse.

“She said she was trying to improve his quality of life,” investigators wrote in the report. I would have.”

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Nurse accused of amputating patient’s leg without permission to display stuffed animal – National

Source link Nurse accused of amputating patient’s leg without permission to display stuffed animal – National

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