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Notable cottage furniture design trends

Cottage furniture doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, cottages are a great place to embrace the styles and colors you love, but they don’t fit your home very well! If you’re nervous at home, the cottages are also a great place to play with colors and patterns!
The laid-back and relaxed environment of most cottages also helps with some repetitive design trends.

Natural materials Natural materials that blend well with the outdoor environment are a popular choice for cottages. This may include wood, metal, natural linen, stone and more.
Textured finish Textured fabrics, hammered metal, carved details and other texture-building finishes are perfect for cottages and add a cozy and cozy atmosphere to the space.
Vintage style Both true retro pieces and new pieces with vintage-inspired details are used in the cottages to give the cottage a childhood nostalgia.

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Notable cottage furniture design trends

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