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New Zealand man runs marathon with giant beer can

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, on Sunday, an ultrarunner from Dunedin, New Zealand, Glenn Sutton I dressed up as a giant beer can and ran a local marathon. Sutton completed the marathon in 6 hours and 12 minutes.

Glenn Sutton and a can of homemade Emerson’s Super Quench beer.Photo: Glenn Sutton/Facebook

Homemade beer cans weighed about 45 pounds, making it difficult to carry 42.2 kilos. Surprisingly, Sutton was not last (he finished his third last).

Emerson’s Brewery sponsored the Dunedin Marathon, which saw nearly 2,000 competitors run through Dunedin’s glorious streets in the sun on Sunday.

Sutton said the idea behind his unique costume was fun, supporting the running industry After several years of severe pandemics.

he also said Facebook He posted that he was blown away by high winds during the race and fell with 5km to go.

“I had no damage, but the can had a dent and needed minor repairs,” wrote Sutton.

A can of homemade beer weighs about 45 pounds. Photo: Glenn Sutton/Facebook

In May 2021, Sutton will 600 km Run non-stop between Milford Sound and Mt Cook to raise money for charity.

Sutton ran 101 hours straight and raised over NZ$20,000 for a local community hospice.

New Zealand man runs marathon with giant beer can

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