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Natural Luxury-Home Trend Magazine

The sauna is a great addition to your cottage or outdoor living space! Nothing feels more luxurious than enjoying your own private sauna in the backyard. The goal in designing this sauna was to create a spa-like sensation, but it was designed to fit well into the existing natural environment. The place chosen for the sauna was a slope. A screw pillar was used for the base, and a deck for holding the sauna was placed on it.
Complete glass walls have been installed along one wall to take full advantage of the stunning views of nature! With a stone finish on the walls, pebbles on the floor and, of course, lots of wood, you can feel at home in the natural environment! Backlights have also been added under the bench and backrest to give it a little more ambiance.


Host note

Is there space in the backyard? Nothing makes summer hosting as easy as another guesthouse!
EEntertainment space – Well-planned guesthouses provide space for entertainment. The built-in outdoor kitchen and dining area next to the pool is a great place to welcome guests with all the conveniences of indoors.
All privacy – An independent guesthouse provides privacy to family, friends, and yourself. Guests can choose to visit when they want and have their own space to retreat when they need their time!

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Canadian Home Trends Magazine offers private tours of the most fascinating homes and condos across Canada. Inspire from accessible upholstery products, trend reports, simple yet stylish DIY projects and much more. Each issue introduces tools to recreate the designer space you dreamed of at home, thorough remodeling and design advice, a combination of color palettes and furniture, and the perfect place to shop in Canada.

Natural Luxury-Home Trend Magazine

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