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Must See: It’s Time for Things to Get Weird

Our MUST-WATCH Top 10 includes one of the weirdest movies ever. But will it reign from a strange throne, or can it go to a sitcom about everyone’s favorite video store? A new drama, perhaps starring Harry Styles? You’ll have to read on to find out!


Where to watch: Netflix

Let’s start this week with a new sitcom about old business!

Blockbuster’s Melissa Fumero and Randall Park, courtesy of Netflix.

Blockbuster (Controversial Blockbuster Killer) is a show created by Netflix.It’s a fictional production set in the last official Blockbuster store in Oregon, and the show stars Randall Park (from WandaVision and Fresh Off the Boat) as store manager. He recently learned that his store was the last blockbuster in existence and decided to keep it out of business. Complicating matters is his old high school crush ( Melissa Fumero Brooklyn Nine-Nine) also started working there, bringing the classic will-they/will-them side that we all love!

The first season of this show is available now on Netflix!



Where to watch: Apple TV+

Next, take a look at this intimate drama starring one of the best actresses of the 2010s!

Causeway A new movie starring jennifer lawrence (From Hunger Games, Silver Lining Playbook, Don’t Look Up). She also produced this film. She plays a veteran called Lindsey who returns to America after a traumatic incident. She has suffered a brain injury and is not entirely sure how she will reintegrate into her society. She meets a man (played by Atlanta’s Brian Tyree Henry and If Beer Street Could Talk) who has started hooking up with her to help her find someone to become her post-traumatic. The film also stars Stephen McKinley Henderson (Lady Bird) and Linda Emond (Lodge 49).

The movie is available now on Apple TV+.


my cop

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

Let’s take a look at the love triangle!

my cop
Harry Styles, Emma Corrin and David Dawson Star in MY POLICEMAN Photo: Prime Video © AMAZON CONTENT SERVICES LLC

my cop is the first movie harry styles (from Dunkirk) has starred since the Don’t Worry Darling drama. In this, he plays a policeman living in 1950s Brighton. She is happily in love with him, but he soon meets a man who makes him happier (played by David Dawson from Year of the Rabbit). The two men are having an affair, and when she finds out the truth, it threatens to unravel their lives in an emotionally painful way.

Watch this movie now on Amazon Prime Video!


Enola Homes 2

Where to watch: Netflix

Up next is the sequel to Feminist Victorian Sensation on Netflix!

Enola Homes 2 find millie bobby brown (from Stranger Things) returns to her other most famous role, Enola Holmes. , is now opening his own detective agency. But she still finds herself living in Sherlock’s shadow.Until one day a young girl comes to her to find her missing friend.Enola discovers herself to be a brilliant detective. To prove it, I throw myself into her investigation. The film also stars Helena Bonham Carter (Fight Club), Sharon Duncan-Brewster (Dune) and David Thewlis (I’m Thinking of Ending Things). increase.

You can watch this movie on Netflix now!



Strange: The Al Yankovic Story

Viewing location: Roku Channel

Finally, a parody for biography lovers, and a biography for parody lovers!

Strange: The Al Yankovic Story The official biopic of one of the world’s most famous parody musicians, Al Yankovic. The film plays his life so fast and incredibly loosely, loosely telling his story while parodying the biopic genre’s famous tropes. Daniel Radcliffe (from “Harry Potter” and “Miracle Workers”) with curly wigs and mustaches playing musicians, Evan Rachel Wood (from the recently canceled “Westworld”), Rainn Wilson (“Super ), supporting the performance of Julian Nicholson (from “Sea of ​​East Town”). ).

You can watch movies (with or without Roku) for free on the Roku channel and read reviews of them here!


Must see top 10

Ten. Run Sweetheart Run – Amazon Prime Video

9. Louis Armstrong Black & Blues –Apple TV+

8. halloween ends – Cinema

7. Blockbuster – netflix

6. Causeway –Apple TV+

Five. my cop – Amazon Prime Video

Four. White Lotus (Season 2) – Craving

3. Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities – netflix

2. Enola Homes 2 – netflix

1. Strange: The Al Yankovic Story – Roku Channel

Must See: It’s Time for Things to Get Weird

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