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Muskoka’s Modern Farmhouse-Home Trends Magazine


Muskoka has tranquil landscapes and captivating adventures. Recognized by National Geographic and Reader’s Digest as one of Canada’s top destinations, this cottage oasis is two hours north of Toronto and has a great experience. Muskoka’s homes are designed to curate a quiet lifestyle in combination with modern luxury. Regardless of the architectural appeal, the component that expands the possibilities of these homes is the interior.
When designing a Muskoka house, the focus is on constructing an interior that illuminates a modern farmhouse. Modern farmhouse is a design style that integrates farmhouse and contemporary. Lady’s Touch achieves this with bright tones, soft textures and a delicate touch of wood, creating an attractive and minimalist space. We can expect this aesthetic to permeate all of these estates in 2022.
Here are some tips: If you want to implement a modern farmhouse design in your home, make it casual. Light and natural texture, a neutral color palette with soft contrast, delicate wood elements, and a cozy and cozy furniture touch.
Home staging has won a reputation in the Muskoka area, especially as a result of the increased migration, which has allowed more people to work from home. The preference for calm landscapes and larger lot sizes is becoming more pronounced than for urban dwellings.

Farah Dhalla-Singh, www.ladystouch.ca

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Muskoka’s Modern Farmhouse-Home Trends Magazine

Source link Muskoka’s Modern Farmhouse-Home Trends Magazine

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