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Muskoka Retreat-Home Trend Magazine

Located on the stunning lakeside of Muskoka, this contemporary yet rustic cottage is full of charm. Originally from Eastern Europe, homeowners wanted to incorporate finishes and design elements that bring a sense of “old country” to the space. These unique touches combine with stunning features such as Indonesian tree trunks used as part of the island, handmade East European cabinets, and unique stone bowl sinks with live-edge wooden counters. It’s a truly work of art.
Various stones, wood and natural finishes are used throughout to preserve the natural elements of the space. As you walk through the house, you’ll see log surface finishes, cedar and pine cutouts, barn boards, and floors with a mix of hardwood and imported Italian black tiles. The hot water heat on the floor keeps the cottage warm and comfortable, making it a fun place to stay seasonally.

Maximizing the lakeside atmosphere and accepting the outdoors was an important aspect of this project. The process of slight differences allowed us to expand the footprint built closer to the water. Large windows and open concept spaces allow for the most natural light and outdoor views possible. The outdoor space through the screen porch has been carefully landscaped to take full advantage of the terrain and natural materials. From the granite fireplaces on the patio to the trails, the lakes that pass by the integrated hot tubs and outdoor showers, the details are carefully planned to ensure a seamless and luxurious transition from indoors to outdoors.
The house won both the “Best Exterior Living Space” and “Best Custom Homes (2,001-3,500 sq ft)” categories at the 2017 Peterborough & Kawarthas Home Builders Association Awards.

The stunning Sunspace WeatherMaster Plus aluminum bi-fold door system connects the main living room to the screen pouch. This state-of-the-art system allows the maximum amount of light to move through the cottage when closed, but when fully opened and folded, it creates a truly open concept space. This also adds functionality, bringing the two areas together, taking in fresh air and allowing guests to interact throughout without feeling separated. Designed in Europe, this system offers ground and bottom running with multiple threshold options. The hardware components and systems are custom designed to provide maximum carrying capacity while providing a slim line of sight, oversized doors, and minimal profile.
The screen pouch consists of Douglas-fir wood and a granite floor, incorporating natural elements beyond. Equipped with Sunspace WeatherMaster Windows, which provides up to 75% ventilation and is virtually maintenance-free, this screen pouch is the perfect blend for enjoying the outdoors while protecting against insects, harsh sun and other environmental issues. Offers. These windows made of ViewFlex vinyl are virtually unbreakable.

Space designed by Gilbert + Burke, www.gilbertburke.ca
For more information on Sunspace WeatherMaster products, please visit: www.sunspacesunrooms.com

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Muskoka Retreat-Home Trend Magazine

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