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Molly Seidel from World Championships due to injury

2020 Olympic Marathon Bronze Medalist, Molly Seidel, Due to the stress response of the sacrum, he has announced that he will participate in the World Athletics Championships in Eugene, Oregon.

Molly Seidel has been dealing with the sacral stress response since the Boston Marathon in April.Photo: Kevin Morris

27-year-old Seidel Announcement on Instagram I’ve been dealing with hip pain since I dropped out of the Boston Marathon yesterday in April.

“Preparing for these world championships was the most challenging build I’ve ever had,” Seidel wrote. “The hip impingement hasn’t completely disappeared, but I kept pushing it. MRI later this week showed a stress response to the sacrum. Continued training and racing caused a complete fracture. So I don’t want to waste the spots on the US team. “

American marathon record holder Kayla Damart Two and a half weeks after the start of the women’s marathon on July 18, he was appointed to the US team on behalf of Seidel. 37-year-old marathon runner will participate Emma Bates When Sarah Hall With the US team.

“Sporting red, white and blue is always an honor,” D’Amato wrote. On her Instagram.. This is the first time D’Amato has been selected to represent the United States on the international stage.

Photo: Twitter

Saidel said he would step back from sports to be healthy.She has been Candid on social media About her mental health and ADHD training. In June, she said, Seidel was taking Adderall to deal with ADHD. Stimulants used to treat attention deficit disorder are currently on the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) list of banned substances for “in-competition use”.

She applied for a Treatment Exemption Card (TUE) from WADA. This allows athletes to take medication during the competition. Her application has not yet been granted.

The 2022 World Athletics Championships will be held from July 15th to 24th in Hayward Field, Eugene, Oregon.

Molly Seidel from World Championships due to injury

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