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Midpoint launches beta testing of mobile FX app, The Canadian Business Journal

LONDON & AMSTERDAM, 21 SEPTEMBER 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Blockmate Ventures Inc (TSX.V: MATE) (FSE: 8MH1) (“Blockmate” or the “Company”), its wholly owned subsidiary Midpoint & Transfer Ltd has begun beta testing a new mobile app developed to offer peer-to-peer foreign exchange (FX) services.

Midpoint Holdings will begin internal restructuring in March 2022 following its acquisition of Blockchain World Ltd. Following that acquisition, the company was renamed Blockmate Ventures Inc, while the Midpoint FX business remained in business and embarked on a digital transformation strategy. Mobile app development.

Development of the app has now progressed into beta testing, and the app offers all the services previously offered on the browser-based Midpoint platform and is designed primarily for users who use their mobile devices for financial services. It has a dynamic interface.

As of August 2022, mobile internet traffic will account for 59.4% of global internet traffic, more than five times the size of 2012, and just 10.88% of global internet traffic in 2010. It was 2.94%.[1] When Midpoint first launched.

Blockmate CEO and President Dom Carosa commented: The new app not only offers peer-to-peer FX services with a more customer-friendly interface, but also provides a platform for growth that allows us to add new currency pairs beyond fiat in the future. ”

Midpoint holds an FCA UK-based Payment Service Provider (PSP) license, which allows companies to offer FX services with 100% funds protection and approved by Tier 1 UK banks.

According to a recent study compiled by the Foreign Exchange Joint Standing Committee (FXJSC), UK FX trading volume, the average reported daily value, will reach US$3.27 billion in April 2022 and will reach US$3.27 billion in April 2021. an 11.1% increase from $2.94 billion in the month.[2].

Screenshot of the new mobile app during beta testing:

Screenshots of the new mobile app during beta testing

Screenshots of the new mobile app during beta testing

Investors can learn more about Blockmate and Midpoint from the recording of the investor briefing held on June 2, 2022.: https://www.blockmate.com/videos

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  2. https://www.bankofengland.co.uk/markets/london-foreign-exchange-joint-standing-committee/results-of-the-semi-annual-fx-turnover-survey-april-2022

About Blockmate Ventures Inc.
Blockmate Ventures is a Web3 incubator/venture creator focused on businesses that leverage blockchain technology and decentralization to deliver greater utility, accessibility and sustainability for everyday services. Working with promising founders, incubating projects will benefit from the Blockmate ecosystem, which provides technology, services, integrations, digital assets, and advisory to accelerate project incubation for monetization can do.

Blockmate Ventures’ leadership team has successfully built successful technology companies from the dotcom era to the social media era, and sees Web3 technology as the vehicle for the democratized future. For more information on being a blockmate, see: www.blockmate.com.

On behalf of the Board of Directors

Dom Carosa (CEO & President)

For more information, please contact:
Dom Carosa, CEO and President
blockmate ventures
[email protected]

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Midpoint launches beta testing of mobile FX app, The Canadian Business Journal

Source link Midpoint launches beta testing of mobile FX app, The Canadian Business Journal

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