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Michelle Obama opens up about her menopause experience: ‘I can’t push myself as much as I used to’

To Becca Longmire.

Michelle Obama is getting real about menopause.

58 year old speaks people Regarding menopause, there is still no information about it, and it is not something people often talk about.

‘There’s a lot we don’t know,’ says Obama promoting his forthcoming book the light we carry,stock.

“Menopause isn’t talked about much. I’m going through it, and I know all my friends are going through it. And the information is sparse.”

Obama and her friends met for regular workouts while she was in the White House, and the former First Lady was nicknamed “Drillmaster.”

While she admits it’s still going well, it tends to slow down a bit lately, Obama told the magazine. we’re going through “What’s a hot flash?” Around the table are her OBGYN girlfriends who have real information. All of which inspire us. “

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She adds of being a “drill master”: All my friends are healthy because we get along well together. “

The author describes the change in workouts as follows:

“I realize I can’t push myself as much as I used to. It doesn’t work for me.

“It’s going to be a balance between staying healthy enough and being kind to my body to stay competitive.”

Obama previously revealed on her podcast that she used hormone replacement therapy to treat hot flashes after taking advice from her doctor.

Speaking to the magazine about the decision, she said: Before there were studies that said hormones were bad.

“We now know that these studies are not perfect and studies show that there are benefits to hormone replacement therapy.

“You’re trying to sort out information, research, misinformation. So I’m right there.

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Elsewhere in a candid chat, Obama opens up about the weight gain he sometimes experiences after menopause.

she said: I’m not going to get hung up on numbers, but when you hit menopause, you’re going through this slow creep without even realizing it.

“We are all in elastic menopause. [waist] Bands and our athleisure are worn, and if you look up, you’re no longer wearing last year’s outfit. More attention should be paid, not obsessive. “

She says she’s “blessed” with her menopausal experience. my hair is still in my head. These are the things I have to count my blessings on.

“I’m still moving. My goal now is to just keep moving instead of getting ‘Michelle Obama arms.'”

About taking things a little more slowly, Obama said, “If you can walk and move, you don’t have to run. You don’t have to beat everyone. I had to change the way I looked at myself in the health space.”

Michelle Obama opens up about her menopause experience: ‘I can’t push myself as much as I used to’

Source link Michelle Obama opens up about her menopause experience: ‘I can’t push myself as much as I used to’

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