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METAIN Introduces 15-25% Yield Real Estate Cross-Border Co-Investment Solutions to Global Investors, The Canadian Business Journal

HO CHI MINH CITY, VIETNAM, September 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — METAIN, a real estate co-investment platform powered by blockchain technology, went public on September 9th, expanding its decentralized financial presence. By complying with REIT regulations and utilizing blockchain technology, METAIN solution solves the problem of traditional real estate investment, investing $10 in real-world high-quality assets and earning an annual yield of 15-25% provide opportunities. METAIN REIT NFTs are one of the most secure asset-backed NFTs and will be a reliable high-yield shelter for risky crypto investors.

With partnerships with Avalanche, Deloitte, CBRE, DN Legal, Morgan Lewis, Hong Kong Blockchain Association, Quid Global Bank, and over 50 communities, METAIN has a solid starting point to grow its ecosystem globally. increase.

Blockchains and non-fungible tokens are being applied to an increasing number of new commercial use cases. This is a revolutionary new technology with great potential and unlocking the value of many physical assets. The next wave of blockchain technology will witness the integration of blockchain with real-world assets. This will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the real estate business.

METAIN Advisors and Board of Directors

Real estate investments provide substantial and constant value growth, but the limitations of location-based opportunities, capital intensity, high potential for fraud, liquidity challenges, and protection of legal title when co-investing. Due to issues, it’s not an option for everyone. Investing in crypto assets is a new source of income, but it is highly volatile as the majority of investment asset portfolios are virtual and have no real world value. Combining the REIT framework with NFT and blockchain technology, METAIN offers a new way to successfully address these issues.

METAIN is a blockchain REIT regulation compliant co-investment platform with a mission to bring real estate investment opportunities to global investors from high yield markets through immutable blockchain technology.

METAIN’s REIT NFT is one of the first asset-backed NFTs, pegged to real-world real estate and representing the rights of unit holders in their investments. As property values ​​rise from the uptrend in the market, income is simultaneously generated from the consistent due diligence of our asset management team dealing with leasing, tenant rentals and trust funds. In conjunction with the DApp launching on September 9, 2022, his first REIT (aka Vietnam Opportunities Trust 1, VOT1) of his METAIN with an asset value of $1.97 million will be opened.

Mr. Duc Tran – IDG Capital Vietnam & Mr. Nhan Tran – CEO of Metain

Duc Tran – Managing Partner of IDG Capital Vietnam & Nhan Tran – CEO of Metain

METAIN’s vision is to become the first REIT NFT EXCHANGE and ECOSYSTEM in Southeast Asia. We have the largest real estate portfolio on the blockchain. All to ensure that opportunities are accessible, transparent and secure for all investors participating in METAIN.

METAIN’s equity seed round by IDG Capital Vietnam is currently valued at $12 million in pre-money. A key part of IDG Capital which includes KuCoin, Coinbase and Ripple (XRP) in its portfolio. IDG has already committed $1.8 million to METAIN.

Metain and Strategic Partners Sign MOU

Metain and Strategic Partners Sign MOU

By establishing partnerships with Avalanche, Deloitte, CBRE, DN Legal, Morgan Lewis, Ephelia and Quid Global Bank, METAIN’s public launch on September 9, 2022 will provide investors with the most secure and Shown the latest efforts to make real estate investing more accessible. For individual investors around the world. These global and trusted partners operate as part of his METAIN business model to comply with the REIT structure, ensuring that investors always receive funds even in the worst of circumstances and A proportional capital gain is guaranteed. market price. This action demonstrates METAIN’s commitment to expanding the project and its roadmap and product development, as well as paving the way for crypto and traditional investors to join METAIN on a global scale. .

“Traditional real estate investment is an inherently attractive investment market, but it is limited to wealthy clubs with high barriers to entry for capital and high potential for fraud. We want to provide fair, cross-border, affordable, transparent and safe investment opportunities for everyone.” METAIN co-founder and CEO Nhan Tran said:

I fell in love with Metain’s team when I heard the phrase “democratize real estate investment.” They work well together as a unit and have been friends for nearly a decade, All were personal successes. They are on a mission to do good for society and I am honored to contribute to their efforts. ” Duc Tran, Managing Partner of IDG Ventures Vietnam, said:




CBJ Newsmaker

METAIN Introduces 15-25% Yield Real Estate Cross-Border Co-Investment Solutions to Global Investors, The Canadian Business Journal

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