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Meg Donnelly says Winchester has a supernatural OG

very similar Super natural‘s biggest and baddest monsters, some of the series’ most iconic stars are unforgettable winchester.

but, Super natural The first part has just started Meg Donnellyto head the CW series with her on-screen future husband drake rogerteasing the season one finale, but keep in mind that even Mary Winchester doesn’t know everything.

“They kind of keep it a secret from us,” Donnelly told E! EXCLUSIVELY. news. “But I’ve heard it’s going to be really epic. It seems like there’s going to be a lot of fights, a lot of drama, and a lot of guests,” she added, adding that she “believes” the guests will come from the original. Super natural series.

Jensen Acklesstarred as Dean Winchester on the long-running show, already returning as narrator and executive producing alongside his wife. Daniil Acklesa prequel in which Dean and Sam’s parents, Mary and John, meet and fall in love, fighting monsters along the way.

Now Donnelly reveals she’s been chatting with a lot of people Super natural alum for advice Jared Padalecki, Jeffrey Dean Morgan When Richard Speight Jr.But Morgan, who played John in the original series, had some surprising advice for the new kids on the block.

Meg Donnelly says Winchester has a supernatural OG

Source link Meg Donnelly says Winchester has a supernatural OG

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