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Meet the Ukrainian-Canadian ultrarunner who’s winning it all

Chilliwack, British Columbia Ihor Velis He has won every ultra he started.He came first in last week’s competition fat dog 120, an incredibly demanding ultra-trail race considered one of the most difficult races in the world. Verys kicked off his ultrarunning career with the challenging Finlayson Arm 100K in 2021 and has been savoring every moment ever since.

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Athlete moved to Canada from Ukraine as a student and now lives with his girlfriend (and crew chief) Trinity and his dog Luna. We caught up with him to talk about training, racing and the causes closest to his heart.

you had a great experience breakout season. How do you prepare for each race?

I don’t feel a lot of pressure going into a race and I don’t really care about winning. I race to celebrate fitness, test my limits, explore new trails, see new scenery and make new friends.

Photo credit: Ihor Verys

What does a typical training day/week look like for you?

Where I live you have to drive to find flat running. When I leave the house, I love either the top or the bottom. On average, even the shortest run allows him to reach the top of 500-600 m. I usually run 5 days a week, leaving 2 for him for core and strength. On weekdays, I run for 1-2 hours in my hometown after work.

Ihor Verys training in Chilliwack
Photo: Instagram/ihorverys

On weekends, I go on long mountain adventures with my friends. I try to have at least 3,000 m peaks per week which is easily achievable in our area. At peak times, that number doubles. Weekly distance doesn’t really matter to me, but I’m always tagged while chasing the apex.my Strava account is open to anyone. You are welcome to spy on me!

Ihor Verys running at Chilliwack 2022
Photo: Instagram/ihorverys

what kind of fuel do you use?

At the beginning of the year, I changed my diet to Lcarbs high fat, and this type of metabolism works very well for me. I still eat during races, but not as much. Most are in the form of rapid sugars such as pops and gels. In fact, the only time I consume most of my sugar is during races.

The Fat Dog 120 is a pretty tough race to tackle and win. What was the best part of the race?

My favorite was watching the finish line, running the last kilometer around the lake, crossing the line and hugging the pacemakers, crew, RD and race officials as I thought about all the time I spent on this beautiful course. It was a moment.

Ihor Verys on the podium at Fat Dog 120 2022
Photo credit: Ihor Verys

Which part did you find the most difficult?

Fat Dog is known for its endless ups and downs, secluded trails and remote locations. aid station, and, of course, an additional marathon of over 100 miles. After all, it’s a 126plus-miler.

Ihor Belize Fat Dog 2022
Photo credit: Ihor Verys

what next?

Big’s Backyard World Championship is my next goal. I am very honored to be part of Team Canada. I will do my best to bring the best result that the team needs. “One more loop” is the only proper strategy and mindset he uses in the backyard format, which he plans to apply in October.

Do you have any advice for runners who want to try Fat Dog in the future?

long training sessions are recommended Up and down. They weren’t very steep or technical, but they seemed endless. Also, focus on your core and upper body. Vests with essential gear are very heavy and don’t get lighter after 20+ hours of running. Of course, in the end it’s all mental.

Ihor Belize Fat Dog 2022
Photo credit: Ihor Verys

train your mind And believe in yourself. Two years ago, I thought only superhumans could complete Fat Dog. Last weekend, I realized that Fat Doggers are all simple people who really believe in themselves, just like myself.

Bucket wrist race?

I wish I could run all of them, but a lifetime is not enough.want to do Hard RockWestern States, Leadville, HURT and many other iconic races.

Ihor Belize Fat Dog 2022
Photo credit: Ihor Verys

You said earlier that the brave people of Ukraine inspire you. Anything you want to share about it?

It has been seven years since I came to Canada. Indeed, brave people Ukraine Please continue to inspire me. And I keep reminding Canadians of what is happening in Ukraine. My voice is very small in this community, but it is still a voice.

Unfortunately, the war in Ukraine is not over and Ukrainians need help from all over the world. This is the least I can do. Please continue to support Ukraine with all your might.

Meet the Ukrainian-Canadian ultrarunner who’s winning it all

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