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Meet Canadians taking Batman to a new era

As Batman’s new lead writer, Chips Darsky wants to explore the weaknesses of superheroes.

A A few years before the pandemic, Chips Darsky had an interesting idea about comic book panels. A PowerPoint presentation on why Batman will be the next writer, full of terrible ideas and terrible confidence, such as “I’m very strong.” “I have never avoided hitting a clown.”

It was the classic Chip Zdarsky, the alter ego of Canadian cartoonist and illustrator Steve Murray. He once described his other identity as “a fool who doesn’t know what.” [he’s] I’m doing it. It was Zudaski who started the world tour that started and ended overnight in Sucent. Marie, Ontario; had a virtual friendship for a month with a Facebook account at an Appleby restaurant in Barry, Ontario. We held a comic book called Zdarscon on the sidewalk opposite the popular Fan Expo in Toronto.

In the end, Zudaski didn’t finish Batman’s gag. Because by the time he thinks about it, he has landed a gig writing the Spider-Man series and won multiple Eisner Awards (think Oscar, but for the comics). “I had the sad perception that I could no longer play the loser of an outsider,” says Zudaski. “You can’t” Oh, look at me! When you’re writing a book for Marvel and DC, I’m such a failed dummy. “

In the case of a life that imitates fiction, or perhaps reading Zudaski’s mind, DC Comics recently nominated him as the next writer in its flagship series, Batman. The Dark Knight is the alter ego of Bruce Wayne, a millionaire with relentless work ethic. Zudaski, a self-deprecating sad bag cartoonist and his own alter ego, seems to fit strangely perfectly.

When Steve Murray worked as a newspaper illustrator in his early twenties, he created Chip Zdarsky at the turn of the century. His surname is taken from his best friend’s ex-girlfriend. Named after Charles Schulz, the creator of peanuts.Murray used a pseudonym for his work in cartoons, the nature of which seemed unsuitable for someone working for a national newspaper like sometimes. Globe and Mail or National Post.. “I was pretty enthusiastic about keeping those things really separate that day,” says Zdarsky. “Originally, Steve Murray didn’t exist online. I just made a ridiculous little cartoon by Chip Zudaski and enjoyed it with my nerdy friends on the internet.”

It’s until, like Murray, he begins to do more attention (and often ridiculous) work in his dissertation. He reported from a nudist colony, dressed in Spider-Man costumes, expanded the city hall of Toronto, and even failed to execute the mayor. “Chip wore a cowboy hat that looked like a partition between personas,” says illustrator and friend Kagan McLeod. National Post Graphic department. “But I don’t think there is any difference in his behavior.”

At one point, at the 2003 San Diego Comic-Con, Zudaski was stuffed into the Hyatt Hotel elevator alongside convention exhibitors. As everyone has certainly noticed, Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Joe Quesada was also packed in the elevator. With a complete lack of space on his elbows, as others stared silently and vaguely, Zudaski lifted a large, unwieldy art case and asked, “Would you like to see my portfolio?” I asked aloud.

Ten years later, people like Kesada wanted to see Zudaski’s work. In 2013, he co-created an R-rated hit comic series. Sex offenderApple banned in the ComiXology app, with a couple of bank robbers stopping time during orgasm time The magazine was ranked as the number one comic of the year.Murray quit his job at Position So Zudaski was able to pursue comics full time.

The rigor of daily news coverage proved the asset. “In baseball, there are players who use five tools,” says Matt Fraction, writer and co-creator. Sex offender, Uses terms to describe rare athletes who excel in all major physical categories. “If the comic has an equivalent, the first tool is:” Can you meet the deadline? “Chip has the newspaper background and he is relentless. Zudaski has landed a job writing for famous characters such as Howard the Duck, Jughead, and Daredevil. It seemed like it was only a matter of time before DC called with the opportunity to write about The Dark Knight.

Zudaski says he wants to bring something fresh to a character that is thoroughly recorded and relentlessly followed. Batman’s general criticism is that he beautifies the toxic kind of masculinity-hidden his vulnerabilities and playing his aggression. Zudaski says he is interested in investigating these issues around Batman. His previous work on the Daredevil franchise investigated the effects of vigilant violence. He likes to think that the comic version of Batman is more nuanced than what is seen in the movie. He is not a gloomy millionaire, but a complex and compassionate hero with an army of like-minded individuals who help him do justice in the way he deems appropriate. And it’s worth asking if they’re right. “Who makes them all responsible?” Says Zudaski.

Batman has a fairly solid track record of saving Gotham City, Earth, and the universe, but Zudaski says the most interesting way in storytelling is to look at the character’s corruption. “If he isn’t perfect, he can’t be allowed to do whatever he wants to do,” says Zudaski. His first outing as a lead writer is an arc of mistakes that Batman’s youth has caught up with, and whether he can deal with fallout.Longtime fans don’t have to worry about Zudaski taking things that too It’s far away. “There is a punch,” he promises.

Copy of captions: Zdarsky, also known as Steve Murray, has worked as an illustrator for national newspapers.He co-created a series of praised (and banned) cartoons Sex offender..

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Meet Canadians taking Batman to a new era

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