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Medtronic and Cloud DX Lead Remote Monitoring Consortium

Kitchener, Ont. – Cloud DX, a leading digital health platform, has announced a $5.2 million co-investment from its digital supercluster through innovation, science and economic development in Canada to create a Continuous Connected Patient Care (CCPC) digital platform. Announced. Continuous remote monitoring of recently discharged patients is expected to improve patient outcomes and free up much-needed hospital resources.

This new remote patient monitoring system project was led by Medtronic, with Excelar Technologies, Providence Health Care’s St. Paul’s Hospital, Providence Health Care Ventures, Simon Fraser University, 3D Bridge Solutions Inc, and StarFish Medical (as a subcontractor for Medtronic).

Each member of the consortium is unique in creating a seamless end-to-end monitoring system for hospital clinicians and patients as a solution to the challenge of providing affordable, easy-to-use hospital-level care in the home. provides a key component of

“Hospital resources need to be focused on the most urgent and severely ill patients, but many people who are hospitalized with serious health problems require basic supervision and monitoring during treatment. We will stay there,” says Rick Sethi (pictured), CCPC project leader and director of Open. Medtronic innovation. “CCPC aims to improve patient outcomes by providing hospital-level monitoring at home for less acute patients. , freeing up resources for patients who need inpatient care.”

Medtronic offers a new multi-parameter, unconstrained sensor device based on proven clinical-grade medical sensor technology.

3D Bridge Solutions further enhances AlthaRX (Altha) medication, tracking and compliance monitoring devices and software. Cloud DX and 3D Bridge solutions are integrated across the CCPC platform via Excelar Careflow Broker. Excelar enhances the clinical data normalization module to include remote patient monitoring and compliance tracking data, as well as significantly enhancing the patient timeline care flow data visualization module.

Providence Healthcare Ventures provides patient and clinical needs assessment, workflow, validation, co-design and co-development of final solutions, and data governance and integration. The consortium will work with clinicians at St. Paul Hospital to define requirements and design processes.

Simon Fraser University (SFU) is a user to inform sensor development, clinical workflow for unrestrained blood pressure monitors or trends devices, clinical decision support models, and user interfaces for clinicians, patients and their families. to bring out the needs of

Cloud DX provides a patented, ISO-certified “backbone” for CCPC projects. This includes enhanced connected patient health kits and mobile applications, data collection and secure cloud-based storage, smart clinician notification systems, and patient engagement tools including: Surveys, text messaging, and video telemedicine capabilities. The Cloud DX Clinician Portal is used by care teams to securely monitor up to thousands of patients, reducing workload and increasing efficiency.

Digital Supercluster is a co-investment partner providing $5.2 million in funding to accelerate Made in Canada healthcare innovation and improve health services outcomes. The CCPC platform is expected to be completed and approved by regulators in 2024. At that point, Medtronic plans to sell the platform to his healthcare providers in over 125 countries.

“Hospital care can cost up to $2,000 per patient per day, which puts a huge strain on our healthcare system. We can then shift most of that cost to a more affordable ‘home hospital’ model,” said Robert Kaul, CEO of Cloud DX. “Hospitals can safely send mild acute patients home without compromising quality of care, freeing up urgently needed hospital resources such as beds, equipment and staff.”

The Continuous Connected Patient Care digital project will initially focus on adults with congestive heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, with a focus on internal medicine and geriatrics. Under the funding agreement, patients, families, clinicians, and industry partners will work together to build, test, evaluate, and demonstrate the applicability of the CCPC platform to support broader commercial deployment in the future. We collect important data related to the medical outcome of

About Cloud DX
Accelerating digital healthcare, Cloud DX is on a mission to make healthcare better for everyone. Our connected health remote patient monitoring platform is used by North American healthcare companies and care teams to virtually manage chronic diseases, enable aging, and provide hospital-quality post-operative care in the home. increase. Our partners use resources more efficiently to achieve better care and patient outcomes, reduce the need for hospital admissions and readmissions, and reduce care delivery costs. Cloud DX is a Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE co-winner, 2022 Top Canadian Business Innovator, 2021 Edison Award winner, and a Fast Company ‘Ideas that Change the World’ finalist. list and one of the “10 Most Prominent Telemedicine Providers in Canada”. Cloud DX is an exclusive partner of Medtronic Canada, Teladoc Health Canada and Equitable Life of Canada.For more information, please visit www.CloudDX.com and follow us @Cloud DX on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Medtronic
Medtronic plc, headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, is a leading global healthcare technology company that seeks and finds solutions to boldly tackle some of the toughest health challenges facing humanity. Our mission to relieve pain, restore health and extend life unites his global team of over 95,000 passionate people across 150 countries. Our technology and therapies address 70 health conditions and include cardiac machines, surgical robots, insulin pumps, surgical instruments, patient monitoring systems and more. Fueled by our diverse knowledge, our insatiable curiosity, and our desire to help all who need it, we strive every second, every hour, every day to create life-changing innovations for two people. We provide technology. Expect more from us for insightful care, people-first experiences, and better outcomes for the world. In everything we do, we design something extraordinary. For more information about Medtronic, please visit www.Medtronic.com and follow us. @Medtronic CA on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Digital Supercluster
The Digital Supercluster is building a better Canada by growing Canadian businesses, creating a digitally-skilled workforce, and positively impacting lives across the nation. We will accelerate the development and adoption of digital technologies that keep Canadians healthy, combat climate change and drive economic productivity. Unlocking the potential for Canadians to lead and thrive in the digital world through a powerful combination of co-investment, cross-sector collaboration, intellectual property creation and digital talent development. For more information, please visit https://www.digitalsupercluster.ca/.

Medtronic and Cloud DX Lead Remote Monitoring Consortium

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