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Medical Cannabis Edibles Are a World All Their Own

The days of cannabis edibles referring solely to brownies or cookies are over. Today, medical cannabis producers make a range of edible products to accommodate a range of diets, lifestyles, and health conditions.

Before diving into this world, learn a few tips to help you make safer and more informed decisions.

Powerful and Quicker Onset

Medical cannabis edibles come in various strengths, but in general, they have a more concentrated and potent effect than patients get from dry cannabis. Edibles also have a longer onset, meaning the effect takes more time to feel.

Medical cannabis edibles are perfect for patients who need a strong dosage, either because their health conditions require it or because they have a strong tolerance. Patients taking cannabis for insomnia may not want to rely on edibles because they take longer, typically 60 to 90 minutes, to kick in.

Speak to a healthcare practitioner or cannabis-trained pharmacist at a medical cannabis dispensary near you to answer any questions about strains, dosage levels, and product types.

Store them Safely

Medical cannabis edibles always have markings on the packaging indicating that they’re an officially licensed product. Such packaging contains a childproof lid, so kids won’t accidentally stumble upon someone else’s medication, just like Tylenol from the drugstore.

Still, safely storing medical cannabis edibles is essential. Keep them in a locked closet, like adults do when storing alcohol in the home. If you ever see cannabis edibles in packaging designed to look like children’s candy, steer clear! These are not medical-grade products from a licensed producer, and the packaging can be dangerously misleading for kids.

Too Strong? Don’t Worry

If you feel uncomfortable after taking a strong dosage of medical cannabis edibles, don’t worry. The best thing you can do is relax in a comfortable place and perhaps even try to sleep it off. It’s very unlikely to lead to anything dangerous.

To prevent this from occurring, speak to your healthcare practitioner or cannabis-trained pharmacist about the correct dosage level. Also, once you’ve consumed your edibles, don’t increase the dosage that day.

If your first dosage isn’t strong enough, you can increase it the next day. But if you take one and then take another dose before the first one kicks in fully, you’re liable to take an amount that makes you uncomfortable.

Dietary Options

Some patients prefer medical cannabis edibles to flower because they want a smoke-free option that is discreet and doesn’t require the prep work necessary to roll a joint. However, they may also want to avoid consuming too much sugar.

Medical cannabis edibles are widely available in things like candies and cookies, but also drinks, even tea! Your healthcare practitioner and cannabis-trained pharmacist can take all your health needs into account, including dietary conditions and medical symptoms.

Like with any medicine, your journey in medical cannabis edibles will be guided by medical professionals. Knowing a few basic facts can only help improve your experience because your biological needs are complex, and edibles today are a world all their own.

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