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Mean Girls Makes a Comeback on Web3 as ‘Crypto Collection’

The American teen comedy movie Mean Girls (2004) may soon be making a comeback on Web3. A recent trademark filing by Paramount Pictures revealed plans to expand the brand into “crypto collectibles.”

Paramount Pictures filed two trademark applications on Sept. 7 for an early 2000s teen comedy starring former Disney actress Lindsay Lohan, according to a tweet shared by registered trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis.

The trademark application covers “downloadable multimedia files containing artwork” authenticated by non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and “downloadable virtual goods” containing cryptographic collections and NFTs.

The application also covers the transfer and access of cryptographic collections, NFTs and “application tokens”.

Mean Girls is a 2004 teenage comedy film that later spawned countless fan-made memes and reaction GIFs, garnering a significant cult following. It is considered one of her most-cited films of all time and her Mean Girls Day nationally takes place every October 3rd.

application Continue It comes just a day after mass media conglomerate Viacom International filed a similar trademark application aimed at extending the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles brand into virtual worlds.

The number of companies filing cryptocollectible, non-fungible token (NFT), and metaverse trademarks continues to grow.

Cointelegraph recently reported that the number of trademarks filed in the Web3 field is expected to surpass the number in 2021.

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Recent trademarks in the NFT and Metaverse spaces range from luxury designer brands such as Hermès to Sony Music Entertainment and racing car brand Formula One.

According to data published by Dune Analytics, big-name brands such as Nike, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Adidas, and Tiffany & Co. have already collected a total of $260 million in NFT sales, and NFT adoption is huge. profitable and profitable. In addition to existing brands looking to expand to Web 3.