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Maple Leaf Foods Plans Closure of Aging Brantford Poultry Plant, Production Consolidation

Maple Leaf Foods has announced the forthcoming closure of its aged poultry plant located in Brantford, Ontario, with plans to consolidate its production across its current network by early next year. This decision comes after a thorough evaluation earlier in the year, which concluded that the century-old facility would require substantial ongoing investment to sustain its operations in the long run.

The consolidation effort will primarily focus on integrating most of the Further Processed Poultry production into Maple Leaf’s existing plant network. President and CEO Curtis Frank emphasized that the company approached this decision with utmost seriousness, considering various factors impacting the operation and future viability of the Brantford plant.

To ensure seamless business continuity and meet ongoing customer demand, Maple Leaf intends to implement the plant closure in phases. This approach aims to minimize disruptions while facilitating a smooth transition process. Moreover, the company remains committed to supporting affected employees during this period of transition, offering assistance and exploring potential opportunities for relocation to other Maple Leaf facilities.

Overall, Maple Leaf’s strategic decision reflects its commitment to operational efficiency and sustainable growth, aligning with broader industry trends and evolving market dynamics. As the company moves forward with its consolidation plans, it remains dedicated to delivering high-quality products and maintaining its position as a leader in the poultry processing industry.

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