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Manitoba Marathon canceled mid-race due to heat

At the Manitoba Marathon on Sunday, many runners shortened the race as the coach decided to cancel the race prematurely due to the heat and humidity. Some runners who completed the race were advised to proceed or drop out at their own risk, but this caused confusion.

The race director emailed the athlete about the warm weather and suggested that he prepare to run slower than usual. At the beginning of the week, the race director attempted to troubleshoot the situation with the upcoming warm weather and high humidity index forecasts. Manitoba was also the venue for this year’s Canadian Athletics 2022 Half Marathon Championships.

Charlotte BrooksNational Event Director of the Canadian Running Series and Toronto Waterfront MarathonPosted on social media, admitting the difficult situations faced by race organizers. Brooks explains: “This week we called race directors and race directors across the country and focused on ideas for what the Manitoba Marathon can do today with over 30 weather forecasts to avoid cancellations. Some race directors will help this weekend. I even jumped out for it. I’m very sorry to all the disappointed people because I couldn’t finish the race today. “

Environment Canada issued a warning about the weather before Sunday, urging residents to stay indoors, rehydrate and, if possible, stay near the air conditioner.

The temperature at the start of the race at 7:00 am was around 23 degrees Celsius, Humidex Shot quickly to the 33-40 ° C range within the first hour.

The organizers of the Manitoba Marathon wanted better results, the race director said. Rachel Monday.. “We certainly thought the wind would be our friends and cool people on the course. According to the guidelines, when you reach your early thirties, even the most suitable runners. [C], Should not run long distances. I made a very difficult decision to quit the race because it puts too much strain on my body, “she added.

Participants took about an hour and a half to race when the organizers called for a stop, and police along the race course began to notify participants. Runners used social media to thank the race director for ensuring the athlete’s safety or to cause confusion at the end of the race.

Interview with Ottawa Marathon Race Director Ian Fraser About the challenging decisions made regarding the cancellation of the race. Fraser explained that all race directors have their own similar but slightly different processes in making such decisions. He added that there would have been three options for Monday given the heat warnings he faced that day.

“We are all trying to figure out what the best experience of the participants is,” he said. A weather source of works based on their information before making her decision. After all, we are always trying to determine what is best for our participants, “says Fraser.

No matter what decision Mandy made, she would have faced various emotional reactions from runners and fans. Fraser praised Mandy’s choice, saying she “can’t imagine the team’s disappointment at the Manitoba Marathon today.”

Runners who did not complete the race were able to switch to the virtual version of the event. This weekend’s event was a full face-to-face race for the Manitoba Marathon since 2018.

Manitoba Marathon canceled mid-race due to heat

Source link Manitoba Marathon canceled mid-race due to heat

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