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Malindi Elmore smashes course record and runs PB at Vancouver’s UA Eastside 10K

in Kelowna Malindi Elmore He broke his own course record at the 10th Under Armor Eastside 10K on Saturday with a blistering 32:37. Elmore told Canadian Running His Series (CRS), which hosts the race: Elmore is the fastest female marathoner in Canadian history (2:24:50), and she was the defending champion heading into the race in 2019. She has a record of 32:42.

Elmore is preparing to run the TCS Toronto Waterfront Marathon on October 16th. Leslie Sextonran in 34:11. Sam Jolly, She was the Vancouver Half Marathon winner, finishing on the women’s podium in 34:58.

Oakville, Ontario Ben Pressner Tied the men’s course record (set in 2014) and ran an exciting and tight race in 29:20, alongside fellow Canadian Olympic marathoners Trevor Hofbauer Only one step behind at 29:26. Presner and Hofbauer pushed each other throughout the course until Presner finally emerged victorious.of Vancouver thomas brooch At 30:00 I came in 3rd place.

Photo: CRS

Pressner said he wasn’t entirely confident in securing victory. “Trevor was a very good player and was always on my shoulder. It was a good incentive to keep pushing hard. I don’t think there was a very comfortable place,” he said. “Here in Vancouver we always have a great run locally, so thank you to all the organizers for putting it together for us,” added Preisner.

Hofbauer is also preparing TCS Toronto Waterfront Marathon Currently running XC for UBC Okanagan coached by Elmore.

“It was an incredible feeling to bring this race back to the city after a two-year hiatus. Ryan Chilbek, CRS Race Director. “The goal of the UA Eastside 10K is to celebrate Vancouver’s local running community and the neighborhoods we run.”

“This race is run with the tremendous support of Vancouver’s Downtown East Side community, and we are proud to have achieved another fundraising record for four incredible charity partners,” said Chilibeck. added. The 2022 UA Eastside 10K raised over $31,860, surpassing the previous fundraising record for the 2015 event of $30,022. The event supports downtown Vancouver’s Eastside community through partnerships with four local charities. In Saturday’s race, 2,042 competitors raced directly on a course through the center of the East His van from Gastown to Stratcona and back.

To see more details and full results for the UA Eastside 10K, visit: here.

Malindi Elmore smashes course record and runs PB at Vancouver’s UA Eastside 10K

Source link Malindi Elmore smashes course record and runs PB at Vancouver’s UA Eastside 10K

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