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LocoMobi World and Signifi Partner to Become Global Leader in Smart Cities, The Canadian Business Journal

TORONTO, Sept. 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — LocoMobi World today announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with Signifi Solutions Inc. New revenue streams, brand awareness, customer engagement, and reduced operating costs.

The strategic partnership gives LocoMobi access to a global service network and access to turnkey kiosks designed and manufactured in North America.

Co-Founder and CEO Grant Furlane said: “We have successfully revolutionized the use of computer vision and together with Signify we offer the only integrated and fully managed solution. can handle.”

Signifi provides private brand kiosks to top 400 Fortune companies and other channels. The company’s solutions can be found at airports, shopping malls, and companies selling devices to employees in real time. These vending machines allow LocoMobi to ‘direct’ traffic to these kiosks through the transport network. The entire end-to-end solution connects to your infrastructure in a convenient way once your Patron leaves the house. Patrons can use any kiosk in the network to pay for parking, transportation, and other applications, while maintaining the convenience of purchasing products at the machine.

LocoMobi World’s “Movebe” merchant dashboard allows businesses to interact with real-time incentives and control offers to customers as they move around town. Using Signify’s solutions to connect them naturally across the journey is the final piece of the puzzle.

The idea of ​​harnessing innovation through technology resonated with Shamira Jaffer, founder and CEO of Signifi Solutions, a leader in bringing new technologies to the forefront. “Our vision is to connect the world through LocoMobie’s technology and automated retail solutions and make life a little easier for everyone. We share a shared vision to be a leader in delivering customer experience.” “Big vision coupled with strong partnerships leads to results. We connect the world with integrated solutions.”

LocoMobi World Inc. will continue to seamlessly connect tenants and visitors to the LocoMobi World Inc. transportation network. Soon, users will be linked across the city and provided with special offers as they navigate our network.

About Locomobi World Co., Ltd.

LocoMobi World Inc. is a cloud-based smart city technology company specializing in parking, toll, transportation, storage, asset tracking, fleet and threat management solutions. Our WorldStream Cloud Portal is the first fully decentralized cloud infrastructure management system. In addition, LocoMobi World provides pioneering technology to government, agency and parking management clients across North America, expanding its platform of transportation infrastructure patents. LocoMobi World Inc. has reinvented the way people move across transportation infrastructure in terms of parking, curbside, drive-thru and security.

LocoMobi’s world-leading cloud-based License Plate Recognition (LPR) system provides revenue management, virtual permits, violation and citation management, toll road management, managed lanes, gated lane environments, and residential multi-story condominium provides a sophisticated approach to Building parking management and access. Wearables are now integrated into LocoMobi’s products, including MobiVision glasses for real-time enforcement and safety. MobiVerse, our introduction to the metaverse for advanced training experiences, is coming soon.

LocoMobi World also offers a full line of industry-leading payment kiosks, smart barrier gates, solar parking meters and other innovative solutions.To ensure total revenue security, LocoMobi recently introduced Mobi, A new robotics department to strengthen security and parking regulations. Our smart city technology connects vehicles wherever they travel.

About Signify:

A global innovator providing end-to-end solutions in IT asset management, loss prevention and automated retail. Signify designs and develops robotic-based dispensing solutions built on an enterprise-grade software platform. Signifi’s complete hardware and cloud software suite can be customized for a wide range of end markets and use cases. Our strengths in both hardware engineering and software development enable us to design innovative solutions for Fortune 500 companies. Founded in 2005, Signifi is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with service offices in North America and Europe. For more information, please visit www.signifi.com.

contact address:
Grant Farlane
Founder and CEO
[email protected]

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LocoMobi World and Signifi Partner to Become Global Leader in Smart Cities, The Canadian Business Journal

Source link LocoMobi World and Signifi Partner to Become Global Leader in Smart Cities, The Canadian Business Journal

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