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Light of My Life – Home Trend Magazine

Lighting is key to creating a bright, airy, spa-like bathroom. There are several things you can do when designing your bathroom space to improve lighting.

Glass Shower A full glass shower surround allows light to spread throughout the space without being blocked by walls. This also keeps the room open and makes it feel more spacious.

Potlights Installing potlights throughout your bathroom can enhance the appearance of low ceilings by providing bright, even lighting both day and night.

Large Windows Space permitting, large windows with great views are a great way to bring natural light into your bathroom. If privacy is a concern, consider frosted windows that let in the light.

Reflective surfaces Surfaces that reflect light are ideal for bathrooms. This includes things like mirrors and shiny stones and tiles.

Minimalist Decor Less is more when it comes to decorating your bathroom. Clutter makes a space feel small. Make sure your bathroom has plenty of storage space, minimize clutter, and choose simple decor that doesn’t overwhelm the space.

– AlphaOne Staging, www.alphaonestaging.com

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Canadian Home Trends Magazine provides a personalized tour of the finest homes and condos across Canada. Find inspiration in home décor products, trend reports, and simple yet stylish DIY projects. Each issue offers tools to recreate the designer spaces you’ve always dreamed of having in your home, detailed renovation and design advice, his palette of colors and furniture combinations, and the best places to shop in Canada.

Light of My Life – Home Trend Magazine

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