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Life’s a Beach-Home Trends Magazine

Designer Sarah Marie Lucky has made a beach makeover for this oceanfront home.

The doctor and personal trainer who owns this Lions Bay home has three active teenage boys. They love to surf to Hawaii, so building a home that feels like a year-round vacation was a big dream for them. Located in oceanfront accommodation, their homes offer the best of both worlds and offer beach life benefits with home-like comfort.
For designer Sara Marie Lucky, the sea was the biggest inspiration for designing this house. With white and pastel, the space has a more oceanfront look and feel. Her goal was not only to make the most of natural light, but also to make the space equally bright and airy during the dark winter months. Some of the house’s favorite features included a white wash-finished mismatched wooden chair to tie them all together, and, of course, a sea view from Kitchen Island.
Sarah’s advice to others who want to renovate is to always start with a vision board and clarify your intentions for each space. Think about how you want to feel not only on a busy day, but also on a relaxing and relaxing day. A place to enjoy coffee in the morning, a comfortable place to spend the afternoon reading and relaxing, and a large dining area for dining with family and friends.
It is also important to choose where you want to splurge and where you want to save. In this project, we mainly saved furniture by using second-hand and vintage items. If you can find what you are looking for second hand, do it! Save money and give your work another life. Not only does it look unique, it is also environmentally friendly.
They splattered into the kitchen to maximize cabinet storage space. She wanted to make sure there was enough space for some large appliances that were very much needed if the house had multiple teens. It’s never a bad idea to spend a little extra on something that improves functionality based on your own needs and lifestyle!
Designed by Sara Marie Lucky www.sarahmarieinteriors.com
Photo by Tracey Ayton www.traceyaytonphotography.com

Text Rayelle Cloutier-Williams
Photo Tracey Ayton

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Life’s a Beach-Home Trends Magazine

Source link Life’s a Beach-Home Trends Magazine

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