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Life Hacks: Laundry Room Ideas – Home Trends Magazine

Update your laundry room with these great finds! Basket Cabinets Baskets built into cabinets with countertops are ideal for small spaces. The countertop allows the basket to double as a work surface. A variety of single, double and triple options are available to suit any space.

– www.etsy.com
Cleaner It doesn’t matter how good your laundry room is if the laundry itself isn’t clean. Swash is an ultra-concentrated formula that cleanses up to 83 regular loads in one compact bottle, and is specifically designed to help boost your washer’s ability to fight stains! Precision Pore Cap eliminates the hassle of measuring and dispensing the right amount of detergent without waste. Swash® Laundry Detergent was announced as the winner of the 29th Annual Canadian Grand Prix New Product Awards in the household category. The Retail Council of Canada’s Canadian Grand Prix New Product Awards are a prestigious annual competition for the best new food and non-food food products.

Flexible space making options are great for making small spaces work. This folding laundry hanger is a perfect example. It provides space for hanging clothes and folds against the wall when not in use to keep clutter free.

CLEANING UP It is important to have space to collect lint when unpacking. In tight spaces, full-size trash cans may not be an option, but these magnetic trash cans are perfect.

– www.etsy.com
Refresh Sometimes you need to wash even the washing machine. Affresh® washing machine tablets are the perfect solution. They clean and refresh your machine, remove odors, and ensure your machine is consistently clean with monthly use.

– www.affresh.ca

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Life Hacks: Laundry Room Ideas – Home Trends Magazine

Source link Life Hacks: Laundry Room Ideas – Home Trends Magazine

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