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Letters from Readers: Elderly Rely on Fahrenheit Forecasts

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My husband and I have been faithful readers of your paper for over 20 years. Disappointed to see that the revised weather page does not include a Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion table.

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Large print was very thoughtful for those with vision problems, but many of us older people didn’t grow up reading Celsius.

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We rely solely on our familiar Fahrenheit readings. Don’t try to teach an old dog new tricks. We want to keep our past memories sacred. Getting older seems to mean we have to adapt.

Your newspaper used to keep in touch with its readers, but now seems to be reporting few sad, frightening stories about cities, countries, and the world at large. We need a happier, more human storytelling.

In any case, turn back the conversion table from Celsius to Fahrenheit.

Margaret Watson, Windsor

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Letters from Readers: Elderly Rely on Fahrenheit Forecasts

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