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Law Blames Trudeau After Medical Financing Negotiations Go Nowhere

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On Wednesday, Quebec Premier Francois Legault condemned Ottawa and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for failing to reach an agreement on medical funding at a meeting of state and federal health ministers.

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Lego also made it clear that he was unhappy with Trudeau’s criticism of his decision to issue checks to Quebec taxpayers.

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When the cabinet meeting ended Tuesday night, the federal government had refused to increase the level of state funding for health care. The issue has plagued Ottawa and the state for at least 20 years.

Prime Minister Trudeau said he “doesn’t seem to understand the state’s needs”, saying that Ottawa only covers 22% of its healthcare funding and leaves the rest to the state to cover 78%, and Ottawa wants to dictate the situation. complained.

Federal Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos told the conference that states and territories must agree to build a “world-class” medical data collection system and expand the use of common health indicators. . Meanwhile, the state wants Ottawa to increase its healthcare funding allocation from 22% to 35%.

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“Mr. Trudeau thinks he is better than[Quebec Health Minister]Christian Duvet when it comes to choosing how to spend his money.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told reporters on Tuesday that the state could never run out of cash. This is a clear reference to Lego’s plan to distribute $3.5 billion to Quebec taxpayers to mitigate the effects of inflation.

“If the state health care system is in the process of sending checks to the people who need them least and cutting taxes to the richest, no money is lost,” the prime minister said.

“Mr. Trudeau said, ‘Mr. Law should not help Quebec citizens deal with inflation,’ Quebec’s premier said on Wednesday. ‘Quebec is the place with the highest taxes (in North America). You have to understand the problem.”

On Tuesday night, the federal government withdrew its joint statement with state health officials, ending the meeting without a funding agreement.

British Columbia Health Minister Adrian Dix described the end of the conference as “disappointing” and said states were united in demanding a 35% increase in federal healthcare funding.

Law Blames Trudeau After Medical Financing Negotiations Go Nowhere

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