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Kraken Demonstrates KATFISH High Speed ​​Tow SAS at Royal Navy WISEX Demonstration, The Canadian Business Journal

st. JOHN’S, NEWFOUNDLAND, Sept. 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Kraken Robotics Inc. (TSX-V: PNG, OTCQB: KRKNF), a Canadian Ocean Company™, recently acquired WILTON Industry in the Royal Navy (RN). Participated in Show and Experiment (WISEX) in the Kilbranan Sound range off Campbeltown, Scotland. WISEX provides an opportunity for industry to introduce new systems for consideration by RNs. Live demos and sea trials will give RN a better understanding of the software, sensors, effectors and other proven technologies required to implement reliable mine detection (MHC).

In these trials, Kraken collaborated with Elbit Systems UK to demonstrate the KATFISH high speed towed synthetic aperture sonar system integrated into a 12 meter Seagull Uncrewed Surface Vessel (USV). The purpose of the trial was to investigate her two different ranges of dimensions 600 m x 4 nm where RN placed several MLOs (Mine Like Objects) for her WISEX participants to search. The range was chosen to replicate a real-world search area with complex bathymetry and strong currents. During testing, Kraken KATFISH was launched, operated, and recovered in various surface conditions, including Sea State 4. High-resolution live SAS data was wirelessly transmitted over several kilometers to an operator station on land, where the operator found all her MLO targets. Real-time during missions.

“The Royal Navy established WISEX to enable industry to demonstrate autonomous mine action systems in the challenging naval exercise area of ​​the west coast of Scotland,” said Commander Ben Staite. “This demonstration is part of our Mine Search Capabilities program at the forefront of next-generation marine autonomous systems. I’m thrilled with my ability.”

KATFISH™ is a fast, actively stabilized Synthetic Aperture Sonar (SAS) towfish that operates at speeds up to 10 knots. KATFISH™’s high speed capability and constant resolution significantly improve Area Coverage Rate (ACR) by providing more useful data for MCM missions than traditional sidescan sonar. KATFISH™ provides real-time high resolution ACR up to 4 km2Simultaneous 3D bathymetry with a constant resolution of 3.3 cm x 3.0 cm* and a range of up to 200 m per side. *A fixed resolution of 1.9 cm x 2.1 cm is available in post-processing.

In addition to the improved ACR, the ability to transmit high-resolution data wirelessly will allow remote station operators to identify targets with USV missions underway, thus shortening the overall MCM timeline.

Kraken recently delivered a KATFISH system to the Danish and Polish Navy, which is expected to be operational in the first quarter of 2023.

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Kraken Robotics Inc. (TSX.V:PNG) (OTCQB: KRKNF) is a marine technology company that specializes in manufacturing and marketing software-centric sensors, subsea batteries and underwater robotic systems. The company is headquartered in Newfoundland, with offices in Canada, the United States, Germany, Denmark and Brazil. In July 2021, Kraken acquired PanGeo Subsea, a leading services company specializing in high-resolution 3D acoustic imaging solutions for the subsea. With offices in Canada, the US and the UK, PanGeo is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Kraken. Kraken is ranked as one of the top 100 marine technology companies by Marine Technology Reporter.

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Kraken Demonstrates KATFISH High Speed ​​Tow SAS at Royal Navy WISEX Demonstration, The Canadian Business Journal

Source link Kraken Demonstrates KATFISH High Speed ​​Tow SAS at Royal Navy WISEX Demonstration, The Canadian Business Journal

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