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Knowing the Value of Your Dental Scrap (and Getting It)

If you’re a dentist, you probably already realize that the dental scrap you collect after performing restoration work on patients is valuable. Not only is it valuable, but it can be cashed in for money when sold to the right company.

What you may not be sure about is how to find a company you can trust to offer a fair price for the materials you have. Alternatively, you may be working with a dental scrap refining company but suspect you aren’t being paid a fair amount for your dental scrap.

If either of these cases applies to you, or you want to learn more about dental scrap and how to get the most value for it, then you’ve come to the right place to ensure you get appropriately compensated for your dental scrap in the future.

Choosing a Refining Company

In the world of dental scrap companies, every option is not equal. Whether you’re selling your dental scrap in Toronto or any other city in Canada, you’ll want to find a company to work with that you can trust to give you the appropriate going value for the precious metals it contains.

Getting Proper Compensation

The main difference that you’ll notice between the various companies that offer services buying dental scrap for refining purposes is that some will provide you with a metals report, while others will try to pay you right away. Getting paid upfront might sound like a great option initially because you’ll get to have your cash right away, but when you take a closer look at the value you’re getting, you’ll realize that this is not a great way to go.

All About Your Metals Report

As a dentist looking to gain the most lucrative value for your dental scrap, the only way to ensure you are properly compensated for the materials you have to offer is to get a metals report. Dental scrap can contain valuable metals like:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Palladium
  • Platinum

These are the metals that you’ll get paid for when you bring your dental scrap to a metal refining company, so these are the ones that you should ensure are included in your metals report.

To recap, when it comes to getting your money’s worth for your dental scrap, there are only two options:

  • You Get Paid Fairly for the Value of the Metals You Possess
  • You Get Paid Less Than Your Materials are Worth

The only way you can know you are getting paid properly is to work with a dental scrap refining company that agrees to provide you with a metals report and will pay you according to the amount of each valuable metal your report contains.

For many dentists striving to recover financially, the COVID-19 pandemic took a heavy toll. Today, people are still struggling to save money due to the rising inflation rates in 2022. If you’re a dentist looking to earn some extra income, consider saving your dental scrap to sell it to a precious metals refining company that can provide you with a metals report.

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