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Kintavar intercepts 5.35m @ 1.19% Cu and 28.4 g/t Ag in the Wabash project’s MLI corridor. Preparing for November drilling at the Wabash and Mitchi projects in The Canadian Business Journal

MONTREAL, October 6, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Kintavar Exploration Inc. (“Ltd.” Also “Kintavar) (TSX-V: KTR) is pleased to announce the results of the summer drilling in the MLI Corridor and exploration plans for the next few months in the Mitch Wabash area, including follow-up drilling in the Lara Zone (Wabash Project). I am pleased to Target high-grade horizon and infill drilling in the Sherlock Zone (Mitchi Project) to get closer to the initial resource estimate.

Wabash – MLI Corridor
All six holes along the 100m strike within the Rara zone are well intersected by polymetallic mineralization with copper, silver, lead and zinc. Two to four mineralized marble and diopside gneiss horizons intersect at each hole, ranging in width from 3m to 25m. The best intercepts include 5.35m @ 1.19% Cu and 28.4 g/t Ag, within the wider intersection of 19m @ 0.59% Cu and 19.1 g/t Ag. In the hole of WAB-22-22. A detailed table of major mineralized intercepts, including relevant Pb and Zn grades, is provided below. The drilling program covered mineralization from the surface to depths of 75m and was successfully intersected. The long section in Figure 1 shows the depth and lateral continuity of the mineralized zone. Mineralization was intersected at all holes, but large variations in thickness and grade were found related to structural control. As a result, additional drilling is planned for November and December, targeting expansion of the high grade zone.

Two drill holes were added to the Indiana Zone to demonstrate the extension of the MLI Corridor over 1 km. 0.36% Cu and 39.6 g/t Ag (over 8.45m) In the hole of WAB-22-31. As can be observed in the detailed magnetic map (Fig. 2), the mineralization spreads along the structure, forming local pinching and expansion (baudinage) structures, as already confirmed by trenches along the MLI corridor. There are some faults. Additional drilling will be required to find and connect the best mineralized layers.

Mitch – Sherlock Zone
Following a review of all mineralized zones identified to date (Mitchi: Sherlock/Watson, Elementary/Conan, Nasigon, Huard and Roccia, and Wabash: MLI, Wabash North (Cloutier), Richer and Cooper), our will be added gradually. Embedded drilling into various zones for resource estimation. An infill drilling program for the Sherlock Zone is planned in parallel with the planned drilling at Lara. The Sherlock Zone has already been demonstrated to extend over 500 meters east-west and 300 meters north-south. Drilling begins at the surface and focuses on areas with the most significant mineralization in the top 100m of thickness and grade. The drilling program is expected to be completed by the end of December. Permits have already been obtained for both the Lara and Sherlock drilling programs.

“Grenville’s geology presents challenges and amazing opportunities, but the local infrastructure amplifies the potential of the entire region. Many zones have been created where mineralization begins at the surface.Over the past five years, we have discovered over nine mineralized zones of interest, with many more still in the works.Demand for copper in the next decade is poised for a significant increase in It will take place and will ultimately help us better understand the economy of the Mitch Wabash area,” said Kiril Mugerman, President and CEO of Kintavar Exploration.

Figure 1: Lara Zone long section (PDF) available at:

All samples were sent and prepared by the ALS Global laboratory in Val-d’Or (PREP-31). Gold is analyzed at Val d’Or using fire analysis (AU-AA25) with gravimetric analysis (Au-GRA21) for samples >0.5 ppm Au. For base metals and silver, the pulp was sent to his ALS Global Laboratory in Vancouver for multi-element analysis by 4-acid digestion (ME-ICP61) with ICP-AES finishing. Samples from assays greater than 10,000 ppm Cu, Zn or Pb, or >100 ppm Ag are reprocessed at the ALS Global Vancouver lab using the over-the-limits method (CU-OG62, ZN-OG62, PB-OG62, or AG-OG62). Analyzed. Quality control includes the systematic addition of blank samples and certified copper standards to each batch of samples sent to the laboratory.

Figure 2: Detailed Magnetics Background and MLI Corridor (PDF) available at:

NI-43-101 Disclosure
Alain Cayer, P.Geo., MSc., Vice-President Exploration of Kintavar, qualified under NI 43-101 guidelines, oversaw and approved the development of the technical information in this news release.

About Kintavar Exploration and Mitchi – Wabash Properties
Kintavar Exploration is a Canadian mineral exploration company engaged in the acquisition, evaluation, exploration and development of gold and base metal mineral properties. Its flagship project is the Mitch-Wabash copper and silver district (approximately 39,000 hectares, 100% owned) located 100 km north of the town of Montlaurier and 15 km east of the town of Parente, Quebec.Both properties cover an area of ​​300km or more2 It is accessible by major local roads, including a network of logging and gravel roads, rail and feeder lines with access to the hydroelectric power plant already on site. The property is located in the northwestern part of the Central Metasediment Belt in Grenville Geological State. The project focuses primarily on sediment-hosted layered copper-type mineralization (SSC), but includes iron oxide copper gold (IOCG) and skarn-type targets. Osisko holds 2% of his NSR on 27 southern claims on his Mitchi property outside the Sedimentary Basin. Kintavar is also exposed to Quebec’s gold greenstone by advancing the Anik Gold Project in partnership with IAMGOLD and several early-stage projects selected by the Gitennes Exploration.

Kintavar supports regional development in the Mitchi-Wabash region and owns and operates Fer à Cheval Outfitters (www.feracheval.ca). We also work with local indigenous peoples to provide training and employment.

For more information, please contact:

President and CEO Kirill Mugaman
Phone: +1 450 641 5119 #5653
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.kintavar.com

Forward-Looking Statements:
Neither TSX Venture Exchange nor its regulated service providers (as those terms are defined in the TSX Venture Exchange Policy) are responsible for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.

This news release contains statements that may constitute “forward-looking information” or “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of applicable Canadian securities laws. Forward-looking information and statements may include, among other things, statements regarding our future plans, costs, objectives or performance or the assumptions underlying any of the foregoing. In this news release, the terms “likely”, “could”, “possible”, “possible”, “likely”, “possible”, “expected ‘, ‘predict’, ‘intend’, ‘plan’, ‘estimate’. “Target” and similar words and their negative forms are used to identify forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future performance or results and do not necessarily indicate accurately whether, or when, such future performance will be achieved. warrant that the events anticipated by the forward-looking information will occur or will occur, including the additional closing of the private placement described above, and how we will benefit if either occurs; You can not. Forward-looking statements and information are based on management’s good faith beliefs regarding information available as of the date and/or future events and involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties, assumptions and other projections. Affected by impossible factors. control of a corporation. These risks, uncertainties and assumptions are included in the “Risk Factors” section of our management’s discussion and analysis for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2021, available on SEDAR at www.sedar.com. Including but not limited to those listed. Actual events or results could differ materially from those projected in the forward-looking statements. The Company does not intend to update or revise any forward-looking information or statements contained in this news release to reflect subsequent information, events, circumstances or otherwise, except as required by applicable law. We shall not be under any obligation to do so.

Table 1: Key Intercepts from Summer 2022 Drilling Campaign – MLI Corridor, Wabash

zone from To thickness Cu % Ag g/t other
WAB-22-21 lara 26.45 33.00 6.55 0.21 11
tax included 30.50 33.00 2.50 0.36 25.8 0.41% Lead & 0.39% Zinc / 2.5 m
When 64.40 81.20 16.80 1.01 19.3
tax included 64.40 72.00 7.60 1.26 22.9
WAB-22-22 Lara-W 2.40 21.40 19.00 0.59 19.1 0.29% lead / 7.35m (14.05 to 21.4m)
tax included 6.90 12.25 5.35 1.19 28.4 0.20% Zn / 9.14m (11.2~20.34m)
When 31.75 38.25 6.50 0.61 13.7
tax included 31.75 34.75 3.00 0.94 19.8
WAB-22-23 Lara-W 3.45 7.35 3.90 0.27 14 0.22% lead / 3.9m (3.45 to 7.35m)
When 17.10 28.35 11.25 0.47 15.5 0.13% Zn / 11.25m (17.1~28.35m)
tax included 23.90 28.35 4.45 0.77 20.6 0.14% Zn / 4.45m (23.9-28.35m)
When 34.10 37.20 3.10 0.29 13.3 0.11% lead & 0.14% zinc / 3.1m (34.1 to 37.2m)
When 48.00 54.70 6.70 0.42 10.7
WAB-22-24 Lara E. 18.75 22.60 3.85 0.39 26.2 0.36% lead & 0.21% zinc / 3.85m (18.75 to 22.6m)
48.80 73.40 24.60 0.32 10.3 0.28% lead & 0.13% zinc / 5.1m (51.8 to 56.9m)
tax included 64.20 72.20 8.00 0.61 11.6
WAB-22-25 Lara – 75m 31.50 38.25 6.75 0.20 9.8
49.50 54.25 4.75 0.27 30.5 0.19% Cu & 6.4g/t Ag / 45.65m (49.5 to 95.15m)
78.50 93.10 14.60 0.32 12.5 0.34% lead & 0.25% zinc / 2.8m (36.2 to 39m)
tax included 78.50 81.25 2.75 0.56 32.6 0.20% lead / 2.75m (78.5 to 81.25m)
When 89.25 95.15 5.90 0.51 17.6
WAB-22-26 Lala S 23.00 28.30 5.30 0.55 19.8
tax included 25.00 28.30 3.30 0.77 27.4 0.10g/t Au / 3.3m (25-28.3m)
WAB-22-27 Lala S 21.45 25.00 3.55 0.12 3.8 0.22% Zn / 3.55m (21.45~25m)
When 35.85 42.70 6.85 0.38 8.9
tax included 39.00 42.70 3.70 0.56 12.8
WAB-22-31 IND 8.00 16.45 8.45 0.36 39.6 0.12% lead / 8.45m (8 to 16.45m)
WAB-22-32 IND-N 23.05 37.25 14.20 0.13 9.4

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Kintavar intercepts 5.35m @ 1.19% Cu and 28.4 g/t Ag in the Wabash project’s MLI corridor. Preparing for November drilling at the Wabash and Mitchi projects in The Canadian Business Journal

Source link Kintavar intercepts 5.35m @ 1.19% Cu and 28.4 g/t Ag in the Wabash project’s MLI corridor. Preparing for November drilling at the Wabash and Mitchi projects in The Canadian Business Journal

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