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Key Conversations: The New Spirit of Capitalism

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A new book on capitalism says “unchecked capitalist excesses” were evident before the global financial crisis of 2008-2009.

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“What once seemed like a noble impetus to maximize the return on investment for all now looks like a race to the bottom. The rich are getting richer. , workers’ wages stagnated, the environment deteriorated, and parts of many countries were left behind,” says the book The New Spirit of Capitalism, published by the Trilateral Commission.

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conclude that a reset is required.

“Once the initial bubble burst, it became difficult to ignore the problem,” it said.

Then came COVID-19. This crisis has highlighted the security and resilience of the supply chain and the value of state-business cooperation,” said co-author Drew Erdmann.

“Russia’s invasion of Ukraine shows that countries and companies can work together to mobilize assets and economies to serve strategic objectives,” he says.

Erdmann participated in a dialogue about the role and ways in which the “spirit of new capitalism” can address the problems of our time.

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Key Conversations: The New Spirit of Capitalism

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