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Keratin Bond Extensions: The Ultimate Guide for Professionals

Keratin bond extensions is one of the most popular extension techniques that is always in demand with clients. If you want to add the service to your range, it’s time to know all the features of this beauty procedure.

Read in our article, how to properly do this extension technique and where to buy quality hair that will surely please each of your clients.

Keratin Bond Extensions: The Ultimate Guide for Professionals

Keratin Bond Extensions Pros and Cons

Let’s start with the advantages:

  1. Safe for health

Keratin bonds are used to fix hair. This is a hypoallergenic material that is suitable for all clients without exception.

2. Maximum comfort

If the bonds are attached correctly, and the hair chosen is of the appropriate structure and weight, then this hairstyle will be as comfortable as possible in wearing.

3. Natural look

The bonds are practically invisible on the head. This makes keratin bond extensions an ideal option for those who want their hairstyle to look natural.

4. Any hairstyle you wish

Your clients will be able to make high tails, braids, straighten and curl the strands. In other words, to lead their usual way of life.

5. Long term wear

Proper maintenance and timely reapplication procedures will allow you to wear this hairstyle for up to nine months.

Despite many advantages, there are also some cons:

  • This beauty treatment takes quite a lot of time: warn your clients that they need to allocate at least 3-4 hours for the procedure.
  • This styling cannot be done at home, it always requires the involvement of a professional.
  • In case the bonds are installed incorrectly, they can cause excessive tension in the roots, headaches and even hair loss.
  • Keratin, which forms the bonds, does not tolerate high temperatures. That is why be sure to use the medium-to-low temperature of the blow-dryer, to avoid damaging the bonds due to excessive heat. Also do not use irons and curlers near the bonds attachment.

How to Apply Keratin Bond Hair Extensions?

  1. Determine the place where the extensions will be located.
  2. First fix the strands on the top of the head, and then gradually move to the other zones – temples and the back of the head.
  3. Arrange the curls so that the extensions are covered with the natural hair of your clients.
  4. Make sure that bonds are not attached too close to the roots. To protect the client’s head during the beauty procedure, you can use special heat protector shields.

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The hair of this company is in demand with popular hair stylists of the USA and Canada, as they are of excellent quality and comfortable to wear.

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