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Jessica Simpson reassures her sobriety fans after viral Pottery Barn commercial

To Anita Thai.

Jessica Simpson is responding to fans who are concerned about her health.

The musician recently made headlines online after fans questioned her drinking after she filmed a commercial for Pottery Barn.

On Instagram, Simpson mentioned the “noise” in the video of himself singing.

“I needed to be in my studio today because this is where I calm myself down and heal,” she wrote.

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The star sings along to her 2020 song “Party of One” in the video.

“Just as I’ve learned to block out the destructive noise… people’s comments and judgments can be deeply hurtful with their constant nagging ‘You’re never good enough,'” she continued. “The most important thing I’ve learned over the past five years without taking alcohol to avoid escapism is that I can and always will get over it.”

She went on to give herself words of encouragement about persevering and talking about how to deal with people you don’t like.

Simpson said, “After grounding myself with my voice and poignant lyrics, I’ve become a dogmatic activist with the ease with which some people can vent their emotions so intensely on social media and the media in general. I feel sympathy for the hate,” he explained. “We all go through our days wishing to be better, to look better, to feel better. No one is alone with that feeling I can promise you. I felt anxious and anxious, but also angry and defensive at the same time – like some of you.

Singing was a meditative process for the 42-year-old, and it helped her reflect on the issues that were plaguing her.

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She ended the post by giving advice to others struggling with self-esteem and negative feedback.

“Just a little piece of advice… live your dreams, follow your dreams. Don’t give up on yourself just because someone else did it. Stay true to you,” Simpson added. rice field. “So far it’s been fine in this chaotic life. No one takes away my joy. It may get closer, but it’s mine to own. So are you.” There should be.”

Fans worried about her health after a new ad for Pottery Barn aired.


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♬ Original Sound – Pottery Barn Kids

In her 2020 memoir open bookshe opened up about her struggle with substance abuse.

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“I was suicidal with all my drinking and drugs,” she said of her pattern, believing that late 2017 was “the rock bottom” of using addiction to deal with the trauma of childhood abuse. increase. vanity fair.

“Quitting was easy,” she wrote. “I was pissed off at that bottle, about how it made me feel satisfied and numb.

Jessica Simpson reassures her sobriety fans after viral Pottery Barn commercial

Source link Jessica Simpson reassures her sobriety fans after viral Pottery Barn commercial

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