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Jennifer Aniston Reveals Secret Infertility Struggle and IVF Attempt – Nationwide

Jennifer Aniston has opened up about the struggles she faced while trying to have a baby, and has also hit back at the tabloids who have insistently highlighted the condition of her womb.

“It’s been a challenging road for me, the road of making a baby,” the actor said in an interview with Allure magazine for its cover story in December.

Aniston, 53, is best known for her role as Rachel Green on NBC’s hit comedy friendThe series skyrocketed to her fame, but that came with unfortunate scrutiny and rumors as to why she never had children.

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For years, she was accused of prioritizing her career over starting a family, with tabloids keeping an eye on her waistline and trying to determine if her abdomen was growing.

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“It was an absolute lie. The story that I was selfish and only cared about my career,” she told Allure.

“And God forbid a woman to be successful and have no children. Because I didn’t give it to him.

According to Aniston, the truth is that in her 30s and 40s, she was going through some “hard things” trying every possible means to conceive a child.

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“It’s been years and years of speculation…it was really hard. I was having IVF and drinking Chinese tea,” she shared.

“I was throwing everything into it. If someone had told me, ‘Freeze your eggs,’ I would have given anything.” thank you. you are not thinking of it That’s why I am here today. The ship has sailed. “

Aniston is currently appearing in the Apple TV+ series morning showshe explained that she was so enraged by all the speculation about her body that she wrote an opinion post on the HuffPost in 2016, holding tabloids accountable for sticking to her stomach.

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“For the record, I’m not pregnant,” she wrote to The HuffPost. Tired of the sporty scrutiny and body shaming that goes on every day under the guise of

“The way we objectify and scrutinize women is absurd and disturbing. It is a reflection of and measured against distorted standards of beauty.”

She told Allure that she was “very frustrated.”

“So here’s the op-ed I wrote,” she said. “I was like, ‘This is so infuriating and I have to write this because it’s not so superhuman that it can penetrate and hurt.'”

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She said she never spoke about the difficulties of IVF.

Speaking about it now, she said, “I feel like I’m coming out of hibernation. I have nothing to hide.”

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This isn’t the first time Aniston has spoken out about her frustrations with the media. In 2017, she told Glamor magazine that if she could ban one word or phrase from tabloids, it would be “a picture of me with my hands on my stomach saying ‘I’m finally pregnant!'” Told.

Despite everything, Aniston told Allure, “I have no regrets.”

“I’m proud of my wrinkles and gray hair,” she added, adding that she’s in a great stage of her life.

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Jennifer Aniston Reveals Secret Infertility Struggle and IVF Attempt – Nationwide

Source link Jennifer Aniston Reveals Secret Infertility Struggle and IVF Attempt – Nationwide

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