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Jay Leno Granted Conservatorship for Wife Following Dementia Diagnosis

On Tuesday, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge granted Jay Leno conservatorship over his wife’s estate, deeming it “necessary and appropriate” for the protection of Mavis Leno, who resides with “advanced dementia” at the age of 77.

The decision to grant the conservatorship was supported by Mavis’ neurologist, Dr. Hart Cohen, who attested to Jay’s compassionate care and treatment of his wife, stating that he “treats (Mavis) like gold,” as reported by People magazine.

Mavis and Jay, who have been married for 43 years, share a long-standing, loving, and supportive relationship, according to a filing submitted by Mavis’ court-appointed lawyer, Ronald Ostrin. Ostrin, who also supports the conservatorship, noted that Mavis sometimes struggles with recognizing her husband and recalling her own date of birth, indicating significant disorientation.

Despite these challenges, Mavis consented to the conservatorship, expressing trust in her husband’s ability to oversee her affairs.

During the hearing, Jay Leno was deemed “suitable and qualified” to serve as Mavis’ conservator, with the judge determining that the conservatorship represented the least restrictive means of ensuring her well-being.

The revelation of Mavis’ dementia diagnosis came when Jay initially filed for the conservatorship in January. In his filing, Jay outlined his wife’s progressive decline in cognitive capacity over the years, leading to significant challenges in orientation to space and time.

Jay’s primary motivation for seeking conservatorship was to establish a trust for Mavis, ensuring her long-term care and financial security in the event of his passing. Throughout their marriage, Jay has predominantly managed the couple’s finances, making provisions for Mavis’ ongoing care and support a priority in his planning.

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