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Jake Wightman surprises the world in the men’s 1,500m final

The fifth day of athletics in the World Championships is in the UK Jake Wightman, Won the first world championship in the men’s 1500m, Norway Jacob Ingebrigzen.. Wightman’s dad, JeffAs a color commentator, he struggled to stay calm and watched his son become the new world champion.

Team GB’s Jake Wightman screams “Oh my” after relieving his upset at 1,500m for men.Photo: Kevin Morris

The race is in Australia Stuart Maxwayne And Kenya Abel Kipsang I passed the pack 400m in 55 seconds. Wightman sat in the puck early on and finished fifth at 300m. He found a small gap along the outside of Ingebrigzen and took action. Wightman hit the home straight and crossed the line with his personal best time of 3:29:23.

“It’s my son, and I’ll guide him, and he’s your new world champion,” Jeff exclaimed. “I ran and came home.”

Wightman participated in the race as the British 1,500m champion, but his teammates who won the Olympic bronze medal were the focus of attention. Josh Kerr.. Wightman was a unlikely candidate to win in the 1,500m field studded with stars.

Ingebrigzen won the silver medal in the season’s best 3: 29.47. Mohamed Katir Spain landed in 3rd place on his first World Championship podium at 3:29:90. Katil wept after noticing that he had won his first world championship medal. Ingebrigzen seemed upset by his race, winning a silver medal shortly after the medal award ceremony.

A 21-year-old boy from Norway will resume his activities on Thursday night in the heat of 5,000 meters for boys.

Karlsten Warholm declines when Allison Dos Santos wins 400mH on the championship record

The upset at the men’s 1500m wasn’t just the night here at Hayward Field. In the men’s 400mH final, Allison Dos Santos of Brazil won the new World Champion with a championship record time of 46.29 seconds.

Allison Dos Santos continued his impressive season, winning the men’s 400mH title with a 46.29 second championship record time.Photo: Kevin Morris

Olympic bronze medalist Dos Santos set the fastest time in the world for the race, but did not play against the Norwegian bronze medalist. Karlsten Warholm Also Rai Benjamin All season in America. Warholm seemed to lead the race in the first 200m, but eventually fell to 7th place in the last 100m.

These world championships were Warholm’s first 400mH races. Pull his hamstring In the Spring Rabat Diamond League. Benjamin won the silver medal at the World Championships for the second consecutive year. Trevor Bassitt, The 2022 NCAA Champion surprised the local spectators and won the bronze medal with a personal best time of 47.29 seconds.

The 2022 World Athletics Championships will be held from July 15th to 25th in Hayward Field, Eugene, Oregon. Canadian running And ASICS Canada.follow me twitter upon Instagram For all of Team Canada and the latest exclusive news and content.

Jake Wightman surprises the world in the men’s 1,500m final

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