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It is Possible to Watch the Premier League 22/23 Through Legal Streaming Channels in the US

As the 2021/22 Premier League Season draws close to a nail-biting finish, not every fan isable to enjoy it from the comfort of their living room.The good news is that even those on the move should be able to watch the matches live via streaming channels from their laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

While it is possible to watch the Premier League live from most major locations across the world, it can be a bit confusing to do so. Depending on where the viewer lives, or is located at the time, the Premier League’s official streaming partner will vary. If the viewer is located inthe United States, though, they have more than enough options to watch the games live online.

Official Streaming Partners of the Premier League in the United States

The Premier League has made it clear who their streaming partners are in the United States. They are as follows:

  • NBC Network
  • USA Network
  • Telemundo (Spanish)

However, the option to watch the Premier League live without breaking any laws is much wider than the three names mentioned. For example, YouTube TV, Hulu Live, fuboTV, and Sling Blue are all licensed, official streaming partners of the Premier League’s three primary partners in US. Therefore, a subscription to any of those services will also allow fans to watch the games live in high quality.

What Viewers Can and Cannot Stream Themselves in Relation to the Premier League

No viewer is allowed to stream live orrecorded matches, irrespective of whether there is monetary gain intended or not. However, the lead partner of the English Premier League, EA Sports has no restrictions on streaming live simulations and game play content created by fans within FIFA 22.There is an ongoing sale on the Lenovo gaming webcam series right now, which is perfect timing if anyone wishes to start vlogging about football on YouTube, Twitch, or any other social media platform of their choice. The Premier League itself does not place any restrictions regarding vlogging about the league, news, rumors, transfer talks, player/club/manager performance, opinions, etc. either.

The Issue with Illegal Streaming Services

Illegal streaming services act in direct opposition to the Premier League’s business interests and future success.In the absence of sufficient fan support, the Premier League may not even have as many streaming partners next season in the US, as it has had this year. Since illegal streamers can only show the matches if there are legal PL partners streaming the game live, they would not have a stream to steal either. In fact, the situation has become so bad that the Premier League’s official website has a dedicated page requesting fans to report illegal streaming.

A more direct problem with watching football on pirated streams from the viewer’s perspective is stream quality. By default, an illegal stream can only broadcast Premier League matches with a delay because the streams are not coming to the viewers from the first or even the second party. Low quality feed, lags, stutters, skips, etc. are also to be expected if the stream is not coming in from an official partner.

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